Teen Aversion To Androids Hits New Apex

Is your radio or TV station seeking to lure teens and young adults through apps exclusively available through the Google Play store on Android-powered smartphone? Good luck with that. A new Piper Jaffray study shows that with teens, it is all about Apple.

Four Simple Steps For Upselling Your Clients

Upselling is vital to leveraging more sales with your existing customers, says expert sales training leader Barrett Riddleberger. But, apart from simply asking for more business, what is the goal? This column offers an answer, along with a four-step strategy to intelligently upselling your customers.

Consumer Sentiment On Pandemic Recovery On The Rise

Newly released Nielsen research looks at consumer sentiment regarding the COVID-19 recovery. It examines several consumer sentiment areas and includes insights about activities consumers engage in, including health, schooling, employment, and transportation during the pandemic.

Pandora Creates High Profile Sponsorship for Brita

Always the innovator, Pandora launched a new ad product last week that gave listeners a first listen to the new Dave

30 Contest Ideas Test

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A New Digital Strategy for Radio Part 4: The Future

This is the fourth and final article in the series on instituting a successful Revenue Sharing Program for your station.  Up to now the...

Strengths and weaknesses of competitive media-Yellow Pages and cable TV

Broadcast salespeople have always fight other media for budget share. Focus on the strengths and weaknesses of two competitive advertising mediums, the Yellow Pages and Cable TV

Applying brain sciences to the art of marketing–Part II

Put real-life radio scenarios under the microscope in an effort to provide straightforward advice. These techniques should be viewed collectively
Paul Weyland

Dealing with predatory advertising agencies

I’m a local direct fanatic for many reasons, but the thing I love the most about dealing with local business owners directly is that...
Paul Weyland

What’s in Your Pipeline?

All you need to become a top biller in your market are 32 active average accounts on the air each month. It’s true. In every market, a couple of
Michael Rudd

Why Sports Radio

It’s a question that gets posed to me every day I go out and work with clients. Why should I use sports radio? Why should sports marketing take a prominent portion of my marketing and advertising budget?

Why ad sales is like the game of chess

I’m occasionally asked to accompany an account executive for coaching purposes as they make a sales call. The majority of the time, the account rep will talk about their media product for the first 20 minutes of the ad sales meeting. Why do sales people talk too much? Sales people talk too much due to a combination of poor training and fear. Poor training, in that the ad sale rep hasn’t learned to ask questions, rather than dominate the conversation. Fear, in that the ad sales rep worries about the outcome of the meeting because they don’t know what to expect. Have you ever heard of Paul Charles Morphy? He is considered to have been the greatest chess master of his era, and is remembered as one of the best strategic players of chess known to man. Many said he knew every move he would make before the game began.

A Career-long Lesson

Advertising creative has always been and still is a big issue, says Mike Anthony.

Two Critical Things To Add To Your Hiring Process

"Without knowing what motivates a salesperson, you have no way of determining if that employee is going to actually do anything."

What To Ask Your Reps After Every Sales Call

A well-prepared sales rep always has a greater chance of landing a sale than those who aren’t. So, how should your sales reps prepare for a sales call? For Barrett Riddleberger, the answer is simple: Start by asking them the right questions to get them thinking about their next appointment from a more strategic perspective.