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Local TV’s $38 Billion Strategic Opportunity

As part of its efforts to strategize revenue growth prospects for local TV, BIA Advisory Services has examined the Total Addressable Markets (TAM) for broadcast television, versus digital platforms. "It's a tale of two cities," BIA notes in a newly released report that outlines the level of broadcast revenue growth expected by 2022 -- and the total gain in digital revenue expected for local TV.

America’s TV Home Universe Expands Ever-So-Slightly

Nielsen’s National Television Household Universe Estimates for the 2018-19 TV season have just been released. A tiny bump upward in the total has been seen. Why? Multicultural households are to thank for the growth.

Does Facebook’s Teen Problem Point To Future Woes?

Perhaps the No. 1 question facing broadcast media C-Suiters is how to combat the magnetic ad-dollar behemoth that is digital social media, led by Facebook. Maybe, with time, radio and TV's budget battles will become a bit easier. How so? New intelligence from eMarketer shows Facebook ranking as the No. 1 social media hub across every age group except one. That would be teens -- and that's not good news.

The Economic Power Of The FIFA World Cup

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is now but a memory. By the way, France was the victor. When all was said and done, MediaRadar took a deep dive into the TV ad trends during the entire month-long tournament. The takeaway: Advertisers were highly active with Telemundo, a big winner in the global soccer tournament.

Virtual MVPD Growth Poised For Enormous Revenue Gains

Not convinced that the "vMVPD" is more than disrupting the ways consumers receive television programming? Check out this data just in from S&P Global Market Intelligence research arm Kagan: Revenue growth of nearly $5 billion is anticipated between now and 2022 for virtual multichannel services.

The First Choice For Viewing? It’s Not Live Television

A research firm created "to focus specifically on the intersection of technology and entertainment" has just released the latest findings from an annual study tracking the TV sources consumers consider their "go-to" viewing platform. The results, according to Hub Entertainment Research? Multiplatform use is continuing to rise, and there's a steady move away from live TV as a default source. We've got a "famous" RBR+TVBR OBSERVATION on this to share.

The Global TV Demand Report: SVOD Demand, OTT Trends

There's a newly released, in-depth white paper from Parrot Analytics that's worth noting if you are among those broadcasters evermore concerned about the rapid growth of "over the top" (OTT) viewing not just here in the U.S., but on a global level. The report takes a comprehensive look at global television demand trends across 10 markets in 2018.

OOH’s TV Lift: Thank The Affluent Millennial

Younger consumers are cutting the cord, and finding new ways to watch video entertainment. The common belief is that these viewers are switching to SVOD services or viewing content on their phone, with no interest in linear TV. New data from Nielsen suggest that this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

Customer Satisfaction Tops Among Video Streamers

Customer satisfaction with video streaming services far eclipses that of subscription TV service. That's a top finding from the just-released American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) 2018 Telecommunications Report. We have all of the details right here.
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The Ties That Bind Streamers And ‘Traditional TV’

The relationship between streamers and traditional TV is a close one, new details from Nielsen's Local Watch Report show. According to the report, traditional programming "shows impressive resilience in today's digital age." The big takeaway for broadcast TV companies: "Even the heaviest of streamers can't seem to shake broadcast viewing."
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The Global No. 1 Kids’ Pastime: Watching TV

Republican FCC Commissioner Michael O'Rielly's push to heavily modify or erase the agency's "KidVid" regulations is largely fueled by his belief that the rules are outdated, with children largely consuming Video on Demand (VOD) choices, over-the-top (OTT) sources and cable TV channels that offer kids' programming 24/7. Nowhere is it being argued that children are tuning out TV, although broadcast TV ratings during "KidVid" hours are a far cry from years past. In fact, new research from U.K.-based Futuresource Consulting suggests that watching the big screen remains the activity that children dedicate the most time to.

Are Marketers Cutting, Or Growing, Your Ad Dollars?

The final results from Borrell Associates' 2017 local advertiser study are in, and some 3,551 local advertisers chimed in regarding their thoughts and plans on advertising ROI, marketing goals, and which medium works best to accomplish those goals. 
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The Buying Habits Of Radio Fans: Groceries

Do you ever find yourself checking out what the people around you are checking out when you’re at the grocery store? If you’re in an advertising-related business, there is a great reason to do this – it can help you target audiences and sell ads. Thanks to research from BIGinsight, we can do more than look into other people’s shopping carts – we can find stats broken down by format.

Nielsen: Teen Radio TSL Grows With Age

Here's some more ammo to fuel "fake news" reports stating that America's youth don't consume the radio and prefer digital sources for music and entertainment: Data released Friday from Nielsen Audio shows that teens that were 12 years old in 2011 increased their average listening to AM and FM radio by an hour in 2017.

Here Are The Latest Digital Audio Insights and Trends

The latest digital audio intelligence from Triton Digital has been released, and it provides a rather comprehensive look at total weekday listening to audio streams. We've taken a look at the data, and we're pleased to provide you all of the details.
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