Nielsen: Teen Radio TSL Grows With Age

Here's some more ammo to fuel "fake news" reports stating that America's youth don't consume the radio and prefer digital sources for music and entertainment: Data released Friday from Nielsen Audio shows that teens that were 12 years old in 2011 increased their average listening to AM and FM radio by an hour in 2017.

Here Are The Latest Digital Audio Insights and Trends

The latest digital audio intelligence from Triton Digital has been released, and it provides a rather comprehensive look at total weekday listening to audio streams. We've taken a look at the data, and we're pleased to provide you all of the details.

Local TV News Salaries Rise, But At A Lower Rate

The final installment in a nine-part annual newsroom survey for 2017 developed by Bob Papper, Professor Emeritus at New York's Hofstra University, has been released by the RTDNA—the Radio Television Digital News Association. This last installment looks at earnings, and pay stubs. How are local TV news personnel faring, wage wise? "It was a decent year for salaries," Papper says. But, it could have been a little better. 

Here Are The Q1 2017 Broadcast Station Totals

The FCC has released its Q1 2017 Broadcast Station Totals, and there are little changes in the number of TV stations licensed for broadcast in the U.S. Meanwhile, there are more commercial FM radio stations across the nation.

Radio’s Latest ‘Share Of Ear’: 50 Percent

Edison Research has released its third-quarter 2016 "Share of Ear" study, and there's some good news for radio.

FCC Updates Broadcast Station Totals

As of Sept. 30 there are 1,778 UHF and VHF stations and 15,508 licensed AM and FM radio stations on the air in the U.S.

Houston Now No. 8 In New Nielsen DMA Rankings

Texas' second-largest market is now ahead of Boston, now No. 9, and Atlanta, now No. 10. Meanwhile, Orlando and Cleveland have
iTunes Radio

What’s Shakin’ in Pittsburgh Through Salt Lake

What's shaking in PPM markets Pittsburgh through Salt Lake City.

Review Hot Nielsen Markets

Clark Smidt reviews the hot & not from Nielsen Audio August Markets #22-24.

FM Trends in Top PPM Markets

Broadcast Connector's Clark Smidt looks at PPM results in markets #17to 19.

Broadcast Poison Versus Driving New Business

Broadcast Connector's Clark Smidt reviews PPM data from markets #11 - #16.

Branding Helps in PPM Markets

Clark Smidt reviews PPM data from Nielsen radio markets #6 - #10 .

New Season for PPM Markets

It's a new season for PPM data.

Wrapping Up July PPM Results

Broadcast Connector's Clark Smidt wraps up his analysis of July PPM ratings.

Ratings Jump or Slide?

Broadcast Connector analyst Clark Smidt reviews PPM data in markets #30-40.

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