Broadcast Poison Versus Driving New Business

Broadcast Connector's Clark Smidt reviews PPM data from markets #11 - #16.

Branding Helps in PPM Markets

Clark Smidt reviews PPM data from Nielsen radio markets #6 - #10 .

New Season for PPM Markets

It's a new season for PPM data.

Wrapping Up July PPM Results

Broadcast Connector's Clark Smidt wraps up his analysis of July PPM ratings.

Ratings Jump or Slide?

Broadcast Connector analyst Clark Smidt reviews PPM data in markets #30-40.

Latest Top 10 Nielsen Audio Ratings

Broadcast Connector analyst Clark Smidt ( reviews results for mid-June to

Latest Top 10 Nielsen Audio Ratings

Results are in for the mid-June to mid-July radio ratings wars in America’s largest markets

Cord Cutting Spector Increased

Cord-cutting fears are growing in the visual media world

Digital Shifts Towards Accessible Music

Mobile listening is a big driver of growth in streaming revenue

Programmatic Comes of Age

Video monetization platform for publishers SpotXchange expects mobile video CPMs grow significantly this year as advertisers embrace the medium. As publishers use programmatic more proficiently,...

Incentive Auction Financial Murkiness Seen

Wells Fargo analyst Marci Ryvicker says much remains murky money-wise about the upcoming incentive auction

Stocks Mixed it Up in July

It was the best of months, it was the worst of months, depending

Station Trading was Hot in July

Well, hot by 2015 standards. One decent-sized group transaction, or one high-ticket major market station

Disney Tops the Chart in Weekly Deal-Making

The final week of July 2015 is not going to go down in the annals of broadcast station trading

Finally, a Good Week on the Street

The week of July 27-31 was good for the vast majority

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