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The Hispanic Radio Podcast is a weekly audio broadcast between 6 and 10 minutes in length, designed for busy executive and broadcast professionals who wish to learn more about the U.S. Hispanic audience, and how their company can take advantage of the strong ROI associated with bilingual, bicultural consumers who over-index on a multitude of things — including purchases.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: A ‘Mega’ Move Forward In L.A.

In Los Angeles, Spanish Broadcasting System (SBS) is locked in a tight three-way battle for regional Mexican listeners, as its KLAX-FM "97.9 La Raza" takes the midday crown. But, it is the rise of KXOL-FM "Mega 96.3" that warrants attention. Could the substantial gains seen by this Latin Urban and "trap music" hub be replicated in your market? The answer could come by way of this exclusive 15-minute Hispanic Radio Podcast,

Hispanic Radio Podcast: SBS’s Big Play In Puerto Rico

In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, SBS EVP/Programming Jesus Salas shares why the launch of a brand-new station and adjustments at two other FMs in Puerto Rico couldn't come at a better time. He also discusses how local social media influencers are leading one of the brand refresh efforts, and how politics and the need to talk will soon reshape another FM station known for salsa.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Lures In Spanish, And English

Lotus Communications benefits from Hispanic listenership to both its English-language and Spanish-language stations. But what makes Lotus' Spanish-language stations such a vibrant part of the company's holdings? Lotus President Jim Kalmenson shares his answers in this Hispanic Radio Podcast.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: What The Listener Likes

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, Radio + Television Business Report Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson has a candid conversation with a Latina consumer of both English-language and Spanish-language radio in Miami. She's an immigrant and has her favorite stations, which she listens to both in the car and at home. What does she like? Listen now and learn!

Hispanic Radio Podcast: ‘AM Revitalization’ en Español

Has FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's championing of "AM revitalization" through the introduction of FM translators as a rebroadcast outlet truly revitalized the radio industry? Absolutamente ... says Hispanic radio veteran George Mier. Thanks to translators serving Tampa and Orlando, his family's Q Broadcasting is soaring in Central Florida. We learn all about Q's new heights in this Hispanic Radio Podcast hosted by RBR+TVBR's Adam Jacobson.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Creating New Consumer Growth

Can Spanish-language radio serve as a powerful platform for the expansion of a very regional brand that seeks wider growth opportunities? Yes. Louisiana-based roaster Community Coffee is using AMs and FMs targeting Hispanic consumers to great success in Texas. In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, advertising agency head Alex López Negrete -- whose resume includes Spanish-language play-by-play for an NBA franchise -- shares his thoughts on why radio works for advertisers.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Regional Mexican’s Power Play

With all of the changes seen in the U.S. Hispanic market over the last two decades, there's one remarkable constant that's been seen: The top Spanish-language radio format today is the same format that dominated the ratings in 1998. How is this the case? As the GSM for one of America's top Regional Mexican stations shares in this exclusive Hispanic Radio Podcast, the format successfully evolved along with the listening population.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Syndicated Success

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast hosted by RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson, veteran national sales pro Jose Villafañe — recently appointed Head of Sales and an Advisory Board member for MLC Media — discusses the top things a radio station should consider when evaluating syndicated programming for a key daypart.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Marketer’s Media Mix

Media integration is a very important topic for advertising and marketing executives seeking to build brand awareness and sales with multicultural consumers. But, is radio an important part of the media mix right from the start? This Hispanic Radio Podcast with Zubi Advertising's Isabella Sanchez provides some answers.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Ways To Win With The World Cup

La Copa Mundial is much bigger than the Olympics for Latinos across the U.S., and around the world. But, oftentimes, we think of the World Cup as a television property. This isn't necessarily true, as Entravision Communications Chief Revenue Officer Mario Carrera notes in this Hispanic Radio Podcast.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: Learning Lessons From Lotus

Lotus Communications is one of the few radio broadcasting companies that owns radio stations with Spanish-language and English-language programming. How is the company capitalizing on this? And, is there one thing that's particularly important when inking that contract with a client? Company President Jim Kalmenson shares all in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: New Heights Through Music

How are Hispanics consuming music? Radio plays a big role — even as Latinos overindex on the use of streaming audio. In this Hispanic Radio Podcast, Nielsen VP Stacie deArmas discusses what's driving the Latin music lover in this engaging conversation with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Upscale Latina Opportunity

Can radio stations benefit by reaching out to a segment of the U.S. Hispanic market that is growing in both affluence and influence? Yes, says Gabriela Alcantara-Diaz, founder and president of Miami-based Semilla AD. The Uruguay-born multicultural marketing veteran specializes in upscale Latinos, and in this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast, she tells Adam R Jacobson why the upscale Latina is very worthy of radio's attention.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: The Ad Agency Take On AM and FM

In this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Streamline Publishing's Radio + Television Business Report and Radio Ink, multicultural advertising expert Liz Castells, President of Infusion by Castells, explains why radio remains a vital part of the mix for her clients and others actively seeking to build sales and achieve long-term revenue growth.

Hispanic Radio Podcast: ‘Nuestra Gente’ Brings In-Language Choice

Here's a learning lesson from an LPFM in the Midwest, as RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson discusses the launch of a Spanish-language radio operation once the stuff of dreams. Led by Venezuelan immigrant and journalist Linda Parra, this latest Hispanic Radio Podcast from Radio Ink and the Radio + Television Business Report puts the focus on the first in-language voice for Latinos in Toledo, Ohio.

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