Cromwell Adds A Michigan Combo

In 1969, Bayard H. Walters applied to the FCC for permission to construct a new AM radio station in Hawesville, Ky. That station debuted in November 1972, and served as the foundation for Cromwell Group. Now, Cromwell can add The Mitten State to its list of locales where it owns and operates stations.

Seven Mountains Completes Stroudsburg Deal

Seven Mountains Media is now officially the owner of an AM/FM combo in that "little bitty piece of Pennsylvania" that can call itself a part of the vast New York DMA. The deal marks the exit from this Pocono Mountains community by Connoisseur Media, led by Jeff Warshaw.

Natchez Duo Flows To Misslou

Across the Mississippi River from the city of Natchez are the Louisiana towns of Vidalia and Ferriday. It is here that a pair of FM radio stations are being traded from The Radio Group to an entity led by Brenda Floyd and James Allgood.

A Deal In Oregon One Will Worship

Listeners to Central Oregon's Alternative station learned late Wednesday that their over-the-air home has been sold. While KURT is considering becoming an internet-only offering, its new owner is getting its first station. The word of the Lord will now be heard on this Class C2 FM.

Vic Michael Takes A Penn. AM From Roger Haddon’s Group

Vic Michael Jr. has been a prolific buyer of FM translators and through one licensee is the 100% owner of an AM serving Salt Lake City. Now, he's grabbing an AM and its FM translator from a central Pennsylvania operation that will retain three FMs and another AM.

Who’s The Boss? In Oregon, It’s Now XANA

An AM/FM combo serving an area of Oregon's central coast popular with weekend and summer travelers is being spun. The buyer is a 50/50 partnership between Christopher Jacky and Thomas D. Hodgins that's been an active trader since 2017.

MBC Planning More FM Service For Grand Junction

The owner and operator of a group of radio stations serving Grand Junction, Colo., is preparing to bring another FM option to local listeners. It will do so by way of an FM translator it has just acquired, and has a Construction Permit for a facility giving it full-market coverage.

A Hi-Fidelity Sale Comes As Cable One Deal Is Done

An AM/FM combo acquired in 1997 is being spun to another Missouri-based broadcasting company, a 50/50 partnership between Dean Brueseke and Robert Scott. Why is the sale happening? The seller was just sold to a major MVPD provider, which doesn't want the stations.

Bustos Media Sends Off A Silent FM Translator

Just east of Wenatchee, Wash., are the towns of Ephrata and Moses Lake -- now home to many Mexican and Central American immigrants working in agricultural jobs. It explains why Bustos Media has had a presence here. Now, however, it is handing an FM translator to a religious operator.
Broadcast Tower

A North TX Facility Swap That Impacts Reno, and Paris

The licensee of a Class A radio station the Lone Star State has agreed to sell the station. In return, it is getting a construction permit for a new radio station some 40 miles to the northwest.


It's another quiet day for media deals, as thousands of baseball fans in the Nation's Capital prepare to cheer on the Washington Nationals this evening in Game One of the 2019 World Series. With baseball fever across D.C., TRANSACTIONS TODAY has just a handful of STA requests and deal closings to report.

Oh, Gee … A Licensee Shift That’s All In The Family

It's another quiet day for TRANSACTIONS TODAY, with two STAs and a change in a station's licensee to report. In the latter situation, estate planning is shifting ownership of a Class C AM outside of Richmond, Va., from one entity to another.

Radio Lazer Lassoes A Silent East Bay AM

Alfredo Plascencia has built an empire of regional Mexican radio stations across the Golden State through his Oxnard-based Lazer Communications. At present, privately held Lazer is the licensee of 18 stations, with the Inland Empire its biggest market ... until now.
Amador Bustos

Bustos Media Completes A ‘Royal’ Deal

In mid-May, the company founded and led by Amador Bustos agreed to purchase an FM serving Moses Lake, Wash., a Latino agricultural workers’ hub. The station won’t be changing its language of service, and his company has just closed on the acquisition, brokered by Kalil & Co.

Open Roads Ahead For Becker’s Iowa FM

Carolyn Becker-led Riverfront Broadcasting at the end of 2018 engaged in a transaction that gave it full ownership of two FMs and an AM in Iowa. Now, Riverfront is parting ways with one of those FMs, in a deal involving a husband and wife ownership team.

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