From Bankrupt Licensee To Big Talker: A Class B AM

Once upon a time, a Class B AM with a 50kw daytime signal and 1kw nighttime signal blanketing nearly all of the market was the envy of radio broadcasters. Today, it's a property being plucked for under $1 million from a licensee in the midst of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding.

Alabama Translator Rolls To Williams

An FM translator offering city-grade coverage of an Alabama municipality is heading to a new licensee. But, there will likely be no changes to how this facility is currently used, continuing to offer HD2 programming associated with WKLS-FM.

BBN Sews Up Wiregrass FM

Wiregrass Country is the area of the South that includes Southwest Georgia and Southeast Alabama, with Dothan at the center of the region. In this city, Bible Broadcasting Network has moved forward with the purchase of a Class C3 FM.

A Montana FM Is Donated

A Class A facility located to the northwest of Great Falls, Mont., is being handed to from broadcast ministry to another. It's the lone deal up for discussion in TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Wednesday, June 19.

Another Quiet Day At The FCC: No Deals Filed

It may be "The Longest Day," as summer solstice brings the day with the most light to the northern hemisphere, but it could be the "shortest day" for TRANSACTIONS TODAY. There were no new Form 314 or Form 345 filings with the FCC ... again. Two STAs and a closing are in the news.

Licensee Problems Lead To SagamoreHill Deal Shift

A low-power Iowa TV station operated by Bahakel Communications via a Shared Services Agreement with a company that assumed would be its new owner is heading back to the company that intended to sell it due to "problems" it suffered. Instead, a Georgia LPTV is being assigned.

Does This STA Parade Mark The Start Of Summer Doldrums?

With Friday's weather forecast set to be spectacular after an uncharacteristically gloomy Thursday in D.C., are deal makers more interested in sailing out to St. Michaels than finalizing station deals? That may be the case. The CDBS public access database was devoid of filings today.

AZ Translators, Alabama Rebirth and an Imperial Valley Donation

Today's edition of TRANSACTIONS TODAY puts the focus on a pair of deals within a short drive to the Colorado River. The third deal involves the rebirth of an AM/FM combo in Alabama — stations RBR+TVBR profiled in December 2018 as having "serious problems."

A ‘New Rock Alternative’ Rolls To New Owner

A 100kw FM serving the Grand Junction, Colo., market from high atop a mountain peak some two hours to the north of the city is being sold. The buyer has a major presence along the western slope of the Rocky Mountains.

Beasley’s Big Smooch: Motor City ‘Kiss’ Captured

An Urban AC format serving the Detroit market for two decades -- and at its current broadcast home since 2005 -- is being spun by Urban One. So are a group of translators that have since May 2018 served as the Motor City's home of the "Praise" Gospel format.

Price Revealed In ‘Big Radio’ Deal

An AM-FM combo serving a region between Madison, Wisc., and Rockford, Ill., is being sold to a father/son operation that presently runs eight radio stations in the region. We now know that the deal, brokered by Kalil & Co., is valued in the millions of dollars.

Hispanic Religious Players Swap Assets

A new full-service FM radio station serving Matagorda, Tex., is set to hit the airwaves. But, its current licensee won't be enjoying the facility's birth. That's because it is trading it to another broadcast ministry dedicated to Spanish-language radio listeners, in exchange of a group of FM translators.

‘Jack’ Officially In the Box For Midwest In Knoxville

After 45 years of ownership, Knoxville radio veteran John Pirkle agreed to sell a Class A serving Knoxville to Duke Wright-led Midwest Communications. The transaction has now closed.

Bayou State FM Trades Hands

To the northeast of Alexandria, La., is the town of Jena. Here, a Class A FM is trading hands, with the seller lowering its assets to two stations. For the buyer, it is a first-time entry into radio station ownership.

An ‘EPIC’ Donation In North Carolina

Wake Forest, N.C., is widely known as the former home of a university that produced such all-star sports legends as retired San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan. In this town within the Raleigh-Durham DMA is a low-powered FM radio station that's being gifted. Here are the details.

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