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Lone Star Twins Find a New Owner

Up in Texas' Hill Country, there's a "Lone Star" duo serving such towns as Mason and Harper, to the northwest of Fredericksburg. Now, these FMs are poised to change ownership.

Augustus Adds In Alabama With AM Capture

From the city of Carville, Ala., a Class D daytime-only operation serves the nearby Montgomery marketplace. Soon, it will become the latest property to be associated with the Dr. Michael Augustus Cultural and Musical Arts Foundation.

SagamoreHill Doubles Up In La. Market

In December 2016, a broadcast TV company led by Louis Wall agreed to acquire a low-power television construction permit in Lake Charles, La., for $80,000, from DTV America Corp. Today, that facility at Channel 19 is a MeTV network affiliate under the calls KWWE-LD. Now, SagamoreHill is getting another construction permit in the Louisiana market.

A Family Sale For A Big Island Satellite

Across the state of Hawaii, Family Broadcasting Corp. has carved a commercial niche for itself by offering a slate of second-run programs "the whole family can enjoy watching together." While over-the-air broadcasts are mainly associated a Honolulu-based facility, a satellite station in Hilo has served as a full satellite partner until now. That will soon change.

‘La Campesina’ Adds Another Arizona Translator

Travel south on Highway 89 from Prescott, Ariz., and you'll see Mt. Francis off in the distance. From here, an FM translator 93.5 MHz rebroadcasts a Family Life Broadcasting FM in Flagstaff. That's poised to change, with Spanish-language programming on the way.
Broadcast Tower

A Friendship Consolidation Of Three Licensees

A pair of AM radio stations in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, along with its FM sibling over the border in North Carolina, are being transferred to a broadcast ministry from three individual licensees devoted to bringing the word of Jesus Christ to radio listeners. Call it a bookkeeping move.

JJS Gives An Arizona ‘Amor’ To A New Owner

Travel south of Tucson, and you'll reach the Mexico-U.S. border and the dual cities of Nogales, Ariz., and Nogales, Sonora. On the U.S. side sits a Class A FM serving both communities with a Spanish Adult Contemporary format branded as "Amor." The station is now changing hands.

What About MyCV? A Holy Move Is On The Way

In April 2015, RBR+TVBR reported on the sale of a full-power TV station serving Fresno valued at $3 million. It saw the station, in a deal brokered by Kalil & Co., transfer to Aperio Communications. Now, the company has decided to sell the station, putting MyNetwork TV affiliation in California's Central Valley in question. The price was made public on Aug. 12.

A Power Play Comes For A N.C. Class A FM

It may be only a 40-minute drive to Augusta, Ga., but the town of Trenton, S.C., until now has enjoyed its access to "Carolina Beach Music" by way of a Class A FM.Now, that availability has been put into question: The station has been purchased by the operator of a Dove Awards award winner, a radio ministry known as The Power Foundation.

A Former Home For A ‘Jewish Cowboy’ Finds A New Owner

Two years ago, Clark Garen attracted national attention for his battle against one of the nation’s largest cable TV providers. He brought a discrimination suit against the MVPD for its failure to bring KAKZ-LD’s DT-3 signal featuring Azteca América programming to Charter Spectrum systems in the city of Beaumont, Calif. While the story faded, one's interest in buying the station hasn't.

La Crosse Media Group Officially Exits Radio

As RBR+TVBR first reported two months ago, La Crosse Media Group is parting ways with its four FMs and AM serving the La Crosse, Wisconsin market, as the longtime owner is heading into retirement. Now, a transaction brokered by Kalil & Co. that involves two of those FMs and an AM, has closed. It's a win for Reid Magnum.

The Depot Arrives In Marshall, Tex.

In March, the call letters "KPRO" were assigned to a Class A FM radio serving the city of Marshall, Tex. Then, at the end of May, this facility reverted to the call letters it previously had in place since 1992. Now, the FM has been sold, and based on the licensee name, "The Depot" may be laying tracks for a rebirth of this forlorn facility.

Mary Quass’ NRG Completes Magnum Deal

The sale of three radio stations in Wisconsin to Dave Magnum‘s Magnum Communications from the media company owned by Mary Quass is now complete. The transaction saw Kalil & Co. serve as the broker of record.

Magnum Man Takes A Spin With Charlotte-area Translator

As the head of Magnum Communications, Jeffrey Sigmon sees dollars in broadcast towers. Now, he's made a deal with Don Curtis and his Curtis Media Group to take on ownership of an FM translator serving the community of Monroe, N.C., east of Charlotte.

An ‘Unforgettable’ Deal For A SLC AM

With 4 towers from a site on the Great Salt Lake Shorelands Preserve, a Class B AM offers Adult Standards programming with 25kw during daylight hours and 5kw at night. That's about to change, as "Unforgettable 1430" has been sold to a Hispanic broadcast ministry.

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