Good News: Silent S.C. FM Set For Noncomm Rebirth

Go west of Clemson, S.C., and you'll find a broadcast tower in the town of Seneca home to SummitMedia's WHZT-FM and, additionally, a silent 25kw FM licensed to Georgia-Carolina Radio Company. This FM is trading hands, with the assignee set to bring the station back to life as a noncomm.

A New Venture For A Northern California LPFM

An indie and alternative rock station using VHF Channel 6, with a low-power signal, to cover the city of Redding, Ca., has been sold. It's a "Hella" deal. Really.

Great Shot! Outdoorsman Bags Big Michigan Buy

Since 1997, Jamie McKibbin has been an ubiquitous presence at a group of Michigan radio stations to the west of Ann Arbor. Now, McKibbin, who has been GM of the stations and hosts a popular weekly outdoors show, is becoming the stations' owner. We now know how much he's paying for them.

WAY-FM Completes Portland, Ore. Upgrade

Until now, listeners to nationally distributed CCM network WAY-FM in Portland, Ore., relied on a Class C1 facility emanating from a tower due east of the metro, toward Hood River. A co-channel FM translator in Forest Park went dark. That problem has just ended, thanks in part to Kalil & Co.

Border Leader Expands Empire With Saratoga Selection

On April 25, former NYSBA leader Joe Reilly agreed to sell an AM station and its FM translator to a newly formed partnership tied to Border Media and a couple who own stations in the Plattsburgh area. Reilly is now selling this partnership another AM/translator offering.

Eagle Flight, God’s Delight

At 92.3 MHz on the dial, a Class C2 FM serving the Lake Livingston area to the north of the Houston metropolitan area had been pumping out Classic Rock tunes as “The Eagle.” That changed in early June, thanks to a pair of transactions, one of which has just closed. As a result, the KSBJ empire has grown again.

A New Backyard For Williamsport Radio Cluster

The city of Williamsport, Pa., known across the globe as the birthplace of Little League Baseball, is home to a group of stations once owned by Barry Drake's Backyard Broadcasting. They were sold a few years ago to a new company using a slightly different name. They've just been sold again -- to a third entity to use the "Backyard" name.

Minnesota Stations Sell

Paradis Broadcasting of Alexandria, Inc.and Leighton Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Leighton Broadcasting have agreed on the sale of radio stations and FM translators KXRA-AM, KXRA-FM, KXRZ-FM, K262AT and K289CL.
Broadcast Tower

George Arroyo’s Q Captures Central Fla. AM

Among the many pioneers of Hispanic radio broadcasting in the U.S. is George Arroyo, President of Q Broadcasting Corp. He operates such Spanish-language radio stations as WAMA-AM & WTIS-AM in Tampa, and two AMs serving the Orlando market. Now, Q is adding a third AM in Central Florida.

A Suburban Portland AM Trades Hands

To the southwest of the Rose City, a Class B AM serving Yamhill County, Ore., is "redefining AM radio" with syndicated morning hosts Bob & Sheri and a mix of local programs across the day. Now, it is being purchased by an Indiana-based individual.
Broadcast Tower

A Georgia AM Gets a Buyer, Avoiding Court-Ordered Auction

On August 18, a Class D AM in Northwest Georgia signed off the air, an action resulting from a bank foreclosure two days earlier. The station's license and equipment were to be sold at auction on Sept. 3, pending bankruptcy or "other proceedings."  It is the latter that has transpired.

ICAN Parts Ways With Magic Valley Latino ‘Voz’

In March 2010, a nonprofit was granted a Construction Permit from the FCC, allowing it to build a Class A noncommercial FM in a small Idaho city. The intent was for the station to serve the local Hispanic community. Now, the station is set to be sold -- and this will breathe new life into the Latino operation.
Broadcast Tower

Leighton Lassoes Minnesota Radio Trio

Leighton Enterprises, Inc. has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the radio stations of Paradis Broadcasting of Alexandria, Inc. Paradis is recognized locally as being the Voice of Alexandria and consists of three radio stations serving West Central Minnesota.

A Sales Manager’s Biggest Purchase: His Own Cluster

On a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan is Door County, Wisconsin. Here, Nicolet Broadcasting operates four FM radio stations and an FM translator. That's about to change. Nicolet has agreed to sell the quintet of FM signals to the cluster's sales manager.

A ‘Star’ Shines Brighter, Thanks To A School Send-Off

Trine University, a private post-secondary institution located in Angola, Ind., has become the latest school to give up its radio station and shift to internet-only delivery of its student-run radio station. Who's the buyer?

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