Saga Completes NH Translator Take

A second translator in a city that's been vitally important to U.S. presidential campaigns has officially been acquired by Saga Communications. The company led by Ed Christian this week closed on a “Basic” deal, initially announced in late September and brokered by Michael J. Bergner of Bergner  & Co.

EMF Successfully Woos A School For Its Silent FM

"America's Premier College for Mentored Undergraduate Research" has become the latest institution of higher learning to shift its student-run radio station to an online-only venture. It has agreed to sell its silent 1,050-watt noncommercial FM serving a small Ohio city to the west of Canton. Who's the buyer? It's the entity that now owns such stations as WPLJ in New York.

A Texas Religious Noncomm Changes Hands

A Class A FM serving a town along U.S. 281 roughly an hour west of Corpus Christi, Tex., is being sold. The new owner is likely to keep the format in place.
Virginia Flag

TBA Turns To Buy For Virginia ‘Hosanna’

In October 2014, Pastor Carlos Ramos entered into a Time Brokerage Agreement with the owner of a Virginia AM, allowing his Spanish-language broadcast ministry to serve the growing Hispanic population in the Tidewater region, including the city of Norfolk. Now, the broadcast ministry is exercising its option to purchase the station outright.

Hatfield’s Superior Deal Erases Zoe Proposal

Six months ago, RBR+TVBR reported on the planned sale of a Class C1 FM serving a picturesque region of Minnesota to the northeast of Duluth, along Lake Superior. It is now known that that proposed deal is now scrapped, and new buyer is seeking the FCC's permission to grab this property. It's an individual with attributable interest in the "Twin Ports Sports Hub."

PDX AM’s Language Change Put In Play

In June 2011, Churchill Media agreed to sell a Class D AM licensed to the city of Tigard that exactly 10 years ago went dark, ending its tenure as a regional Mexican station targeting Latinos across the Rose City. With the sale came the arrival of China Radio International programming. Now, this station is being spun again -- at a fraction of the cost the sellers paid 8 1/2 years ago.
Broadcast Tower

A Fourth North Carolina AM For Calvin Hastings

Until now, KTC Broadcasting -- the entity wholly controlled by President Calvin Hastings -- has been comprised of three AM radio stations and their associated FM translators. Add another AM with an FM translator to the stable.

Why Does UF Want A Gainesville FM Translator?

UF has a big broadcast media presence in Gainesville, Fla., thanks to 100kw Class C1 giant NPR member station WUFT-FM 89.1. In February, it added what is today WJUF-FM in Inverness, Fla., as a broadcast partner. Now, thanks to a deal with a broadcast ministry shedding its properties, WUFT is getting another Gainesville signal. Why?

More STAs, and A Michigan Media Closing

In October, RBR+TVBR told you about "an ubiquitous presence at a trio of full-power radio stations and, today, three FM translators that all serve an area of Michigan to the west of Ann Arbor." This air personality agreed to become the stations' owner, and the deal has now closed.
Pile of Money

STAs and Closings, In the Absence of Deals

It's another day without a fresh media transaction to report. As such, the focus is on a closing in Michigan, and special temporary authority (STA) requests in three locales.

Jamtraxx Readies A Wisconsin-Bound Translator

For 25 years, "The Lighthouse" has served a portion of Madison, Wisc., via an FM translator relaying programming heard on a Class B licensed to Rockford, Ill. Now, the translator has been sold, and it is set to shift to a commercial operation following a facility upgrade.

Ohio State’s Doobie Deal An FM Steal

Chalk up another university-owned noncommercial FM that's given up its over-the-air broadcast facility. Denison University's 100-watt facility has been silenced, with programming moving online. Now, the school is parting ways with the station by selling it to the collegiate giant of the Buckeye State.

Another University Sells Its Radio Station

An institution of higher learning located in Ohio is known for its Polar Bears. That would be the mascot for Ohio Northern University. What it won't be known for in the next academic year? Its student-run radio station. The facility has just been sold.

Vidalia Deal Done For Dennis Jones

Dennis Jones has built himself a radio broadcasting company that, until now, has been comprised of seven radio stations serving communities in Georgia. Now, thanks to FCC approval and a successful closing, his RadioJones LLC has expanded to 11 properties.

Maine AM Motors Away From Port

In December 2016, a Class C AM serving a city in Maine headed to its third owner within 12 months. Three years later, that licensee is spinning this property once again -- a facility known to locals as "The Country Road."

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