An Easier Avenue To Connected TV for Advertisers

Global advertising tech company Amobee has expanded its TV Amplifier platform, a move the company says makes it easier for advertisers to create connected TV (CTV), social and digital media campaigns designed to complement their linear TV strategy.

Baker Broadcasting Benefits From WebDAD

ENCO‘s browser-based WebDAD radio automation control solution is gaining the attention of broadcasters who have been forced to transition to remote production models during the COVID-19 pandemic. One such broadcaster to embrace the WebDAD during challenging times is a Fort Smith, Ark., company that operates the lone Spanish-language FM in NW Arkansas.

A Remote Broadcasting Cloud-Based Service That Could Help You

French media technology company Digigram has brought to market the newest addition to its ONE IP audio tool. Introducing IQOYA CONNECT, a cloud-based service and platform of need for radio and TV broadcasters.

From Israel: SaaS Augmented Reality Weather Reporting for TV

Arti, the Tel Aviv-based developer of the first cloud-based augmented reality (AR) platform for broadcasters, has forged a strategic partnership with Norway-based StormGeo — creating the first SaaS platform for AR weather reporting.

A Distance Monitor … for Maintaining Social Distance

Introducing DisTag, from Riedel. Worn around the neck or carried in a pocket, DisTag is an instrument that alerts its wearer via haptic, visual, and acoustic signals whenever the mandatory minimum distance to other people is about to be breached.

Grass Valley Acquisition by Black Dragon Capital Completed

It seals the book on a transaction, announced earlier this year, that Grass Valley says places it "in an ideal position to continue driving innovation as it leads the media and entertainment industry’s transition to a cloud-based future and pay-as-you-go business models."

DAS’s Newest Version Of Its EAS Software Arrives

Now supporting the company's  DASDEC-II or One-Net SE EAS devices, Version 4.2 includes important new features and improvements that expand the security measures already built into the software.

Introducing A New Traffic and Weather Data Supplier For Entercom

An adoption of Vizzion's Desktop Video Wall platform is now in place as a key tool in the traffic and weather reporting for Entercom's Traffic Weather Information Network (TWIN). Here's how TWIN has access to thousands of traffic cameras across 25 markets, and details on how Entercom’s producers and reporters are using live imagery from some 54,000 "hotspots."

A Big New Release For ‘Veritone Discovery’ Arrives

Veritone Inc.'s aiWARE-powered Veritone Discovery application has just rolled out a major facelift. The tool now offers a refreshed user experience that includes a new analytics suite, allowing users to benefit from advanced customization and data visualization.

A Maxiva Move For Rocky Mountain PBS Stations

The investment, RMPM says, is designed to improve efficiency, strengthen coverage and reduce maintenance across the network’s over-the-air operation, and prepare transmitter sites for next-generation IP-based content management and delivery.

Meet OneMedia 3.0’s ATSC 3.0 Rollout Transport Network Partner

LTN Global, a Columbia, Md.-based media technology and video transport network solutions company, says that its transport service is being used for the first commercial deployment of ATSC 3.0 in the U.S., in Las Vegas. And, it has become the "preferred transport network partner" for ONE Media 3.0 and its parent.

A New Zero Delay Codec Appears on Appear X Platform

Operators of the Appear X Platform can now take advantage of high-resolution and real-time capabilities with the lowest possible latency. This update, the company says, emphasizes Appear TV’s commitment to continually improving its technology to best support current expectations and exceed all future requirements.

Veritone’s Two New Marketing Leaders, And A Communications Head

The tech company serving the radio and television industries with AI-powered sales and research software solutions has just selected a new VP/Marketing for its "Media & Entertainment and Monetization" arm, and a VP/Marketing for its aiWARE operating system. At the same time, a new SVP of Corporate Communications has been selected.

A MusicMaster Whiz Enters ENCO’s Sales Force

Seven years ago, a shift away from the mic ended many years as an air personality for Shane Finch. He took the role of VP of Business Relations for MusicMaster, the programming software maker. Now, he's taking a sales position at the company that partners with MusicMaster on automated workflow programs.

Radio’s Road To Third-Party Digital Ad Revenue

The company known for revenue management and digital software for radio industry professionals has rolled out a platform giving broadcasters the opportunity to sell third-part digital advertising. It's being pitched by Marketron as a way to have radio stations increase their revenue and amplify existing ad programs.

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