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A Telemundo Spin, With No Changes To Viewers

A digital low-power TV station licensed to Logan, Utah, is poised to leave the NBC Universal family. An agreement, submitted Tuesday with the FCC, shows that its Telemundo O&O arm is agreeing to part ways with the facility. The buyer? A local governmental entity.
Ravi Kapur

Another Mako Stations Sale Closes

It was the third transaction to involve a "unique" group of low-power TV construction permits, given their construction deadline. And, the deal was first announced in late August. Now, Ravi Kapur has completed his acquisition of two digital mini-TV facilities from Mako Communications.

Mako Completes Sale of Monterey Bay LPTV Permits

In early July, a special group of low-power television station permits were put up for sale by a Texas-based company that didn’t wish to build them by their rather unique deadline of 2023. Several buyers stepped forward, and now one of them — a 50/50 partnership between Steven Rubin and Lauren Malek, has completed its deal.
Philip Falcone

WANN Big Buy for Philip Falcone

The Philip Falcone-led Sovryn Holdings has struck a deal that will see it add a digital Class A television station in a top DMA to its growing list of properties, pending FCC approval.

A Milwaukee LPTV Closer To New Owner

It is a low-powered TV station that in summer 2018 was heading to HC2 Holdings, with a $400,000 transaction proposed. Then, HC2 was a much different company, with spending under the guise of former CEO Philip Falcone. He's now at Sovryn Holdings, and that 2018 deal never came to fruition. Now, the LPTV facility has found a new buyer, and it is paying significantly less for it.
Philip Falcone

Sovryn Secures Two More Mako LPTV CPs

In early September, RBR+TVBR first reported on the sale of a low-power CP that doesn’t need to be built until 2023 in Boise, Idaho. The property is one of several put on the market by Corpus Christi, Tex.-based Mako Communications. And, the buyer was an entity headed by the former CEO of HC2 Holdings. Now, a second deal has been consummated between the two parties.

Mike Flood Expands His Company to Central Nebraska

Ahead of a Form 314 filing with the FCC, Mike Flood has announced the consummation of a transaction that, pending regulatory approval, will make his company the largest broadcasting operation in the state of Nebraska.
Frank Copsidas

‘SuperFrank’ Sells A LPTV to Gray. Here’s Why

Frank Copsidas has bought and sold many LPTVs. Now, he's spinning a property licensed to a town of less than 2,000 in the Deep South. The buyer? Gray Television.

A ‘Unique’ Mako LPTV Permit Pair’s Sale Closes

In August, RBR+TVBR shared with readers the details of two "unique" low-power TV station permits that had just been sold by Mako Communications. These LPTV permits don't need to be constructed until 2023, giving the buyer a big window for getting the stations on the air. The transaction involving this LPTV-to-be pair just closed.

Closed: Ramar TV Properties In New Mexico Formally Sold

On July 30, RBR+TVBR first reported on agreement signed by the children of the late Ray Moran that involves the sale of a full-power TV station in Albuquerque and its associated full-power and low-power repeater stations in a transaction brokered by Kalil & Co. The buyer has now closed on the transaction.

Weigel Scores a L.A. DMA Property, Miles Away

The eastern Sierra Nevada town of Bishop, Calif., is, believe it or not, within the Los Angeles DMA. That's exactly why a TV station licensed to this little town has just been purchased by the owner of the MeTV Network and related Oldies radio brand.
Broadcast Tower

Burke Spins A Mississippi Trio To Holladay

The Holladay family has become well-known for their ownership of radio properties across the Deep South. Now, Bryan Holladay is signing of on an acquisition. Pending FCC approval, it will see the transfer of control of three FMs to his Meridian Media Group.

Want An Atlanta TV Signal? This One’s For Sale

It's no secret that available broadcast TV stations are few and far between for aspiring buyers. As such, there could be some considerable interest in a low-power TV station being marketed by one veteran media broker that serves one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the Southeast U.S.

Another Batch of Unique LPTV CPs Are Sold

In early July, a special group of low-power television station permits were put up for sale by a Texas-based company that didn’t wish to build them by their rather unique deadline of 2023. Several buyers stepped forward. Now, the seller has found a buyer for two Construction Permits in the Monterey Bay region of California.

The Transactions Trickle of 2021: Brokers Matter

Kagan's Volker Moerbitz's assessment of the transactions landscape through June 30 is a striking one: the first half of 2021 registered a total deal volume that was less than the average monthly deal volume in any of the years between 2011 and 2019. If it weren't for the presence of brokers, how much worse would things have been?
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