Savannah Indy Sale Comes Via Bankruptcy Court Bid

In an update to a television station sale originally reported Sept. 26 by RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY, a Savannah-market station is trading hands. It is now known that two translator stations are included in the deal — and the buyer is getting the properties thanks to a top bid in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court auction precipitated by the seller's Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Another Television CSA Gets Traded

In the final days of August, the parent company of a home shopping channel agreed to sell its full-power digital TV station serving Boston. At the same time, a channel-sharing agreement (CSA) was forged by the buyer to allow a company that collected millions in the recently concluded FCC incentive auction to use one-third of this digital station's spectrum. The asset purchase agreement and CSA recitals have finally found their way to the FCC via a Form 314 filing made today, with Media Venture Partners serving as the exclusive broker.

Hearst Snags CSA Deal For ‘Triad 20’

The trading of Channel Sharing Arrangements secured by companies that shed their broadcast TV stations in the FCC's recently concluded incentive auction just may be the next big boost for media brokers eager to buy and sell, and collect their commissions. The latest "CSA" to be dealt involves an affiliate of The CW that fetched $105,731,122 and is now dealing its post-auction channel sharing to Hearst Television.

A ’13G’ Deal Is Done in The Upper Great Plains

A Class A FM straddling the North Dakota-Minnesota border and its Class C AM sibling have been sold to a "13G" local buyer. But, the buyer and the seller aren't exactly unfamiliar with one another: They are both members of the Ingstad family. It's the lead deal in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

KIMM, KZEZ Trade Hands; Price Reveal For KTXD

A Class D AM in Rapid City, South Dakota, with an FM translator is being sold. At the same time, an unbuilt AM that is scheduled to get an FM translator through the FCC's just-completed Auction 99 is trading hands in Southern Utah. We've also got a price on a Big D TV deal that RBR+TVBR first reported Sept. 28.

Sinclair Partner Buys London’s Last Station

RBR+TVBR has confirmed that a close partner of Sinclair Broadcast Group has agreed to purchase an unaffiliated UHF station in Dallas that failed to fetch any bids in the FCC's recent Spectrum Auction. The seller of this station now exits TV ownership for good, after previously selling all of its stations to the company now known as TEGNA. Kalil & Co. represented the seller in this TV deal.

Take Two For Meruelo and Hero For L.A.-Market CSA

Some 3 1/2 months after the Bob Behar-led Hero Licenseco backed out of a multi million-dollar deal trading its post-Spectrum Auction Channel-sharing Agreement to a fast-growing media company based in Los Angeles, it appears that the deal is back on. According to a Form 314 filing with the FCC, this "zombie station" will indeed soon become a video service sibling to such iconic radio brands as "Power 106" and KDAY.

Weigel Wins A Signal In St. Louis

Norman Shapiro’s Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting Co. isn't just gaining a channel-sharing agreement for the Azteca América affiliate in Los Angeles. The company's TV-49 Inc. has just snagged a full-power TV station in the Gateway City from a not-for-profit entity that's been using it for religious programming. It's the top deal for RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Tuesday, Sept. 12, which also sees Larry Fuss make a deal in the Deep South and Art Agnotti make an "artistic" move in Indiana.

Azteca América’s Biggest Affiliate Sells Its CSA Deal

The TV station airing the Spanish-language Azteca América broadcast network in the nation's No. 1 Hispanic DMA — Los Angeles — is trading hands. How is this possible, as the station participated in the FCC's Spectrum Auction? The party that holds its Channel-Sharing Agreement just sold the CSA to a Wisconsin-based player, making this a "zombie" deal that sees the transfer of programming rights, and not an actual broadcast TV facility.

Multi-Million Mistake Brings Bay Area Bargain Deal

A noncommercial TV station operated by a community college district in the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose DMA could have earned millions of dollars from participating in the FCC's Spectrum Auction. That didn't happen, and now the facility is being sold for a fraction of what it could have fetched — allegedly due to one person's error. Who's the buyer? It's a player north of the Golden Gate Bridge that's now salivating at an opportunity to challenge PBS giant KQED.
Ed Christian

Saga Closes The Door On TV, Welcomes Apex Stations

A new era for Saga Communications has officially begun. As of today, it's a radio industry pure-play. And, that seems to be good news for investors, based on its Wednesday activity on Wall Street.

3AB Waves Goodbye To A Buckeye State Stick

A digital LPTV station serving a small city halfway between Dayton and Toledo has just been sold. This results in a religious broadcaster's exit from the tiny market, and the emergence of a different Christian-focused owner. It's the lone deal featured in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY for Friday, Aug. 25, which also sees a radio deal brokered by Michael J. Bergner close in Florida.

The Media Deal Makers’ Summertime Blues

It's awfully quiet out there in Deal City and Transactions Town. What gives? According to one key industry observer, everybody's waiting ... and eyeing the radio business' three biggies. This insider also sheds some light on the overall atmosphere for buyers and sellers, and if any talk about Townsquare Media selling stations is just folly.

Redwood Spins A CBS Affiliate To A ‘Prime’ Buyer

On Wednesday, RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY detailed the sale of NBC affiliated KIEM-3 in Eureka-Arcata, Calif., to an entity tied to Northwest Broadcasting. To make the deal happen, it had to spin the other station it owned in this small Northern California market. That transaction has just been finalized, and a Form 314 has been submitted to the FCC.

A Deal Craters In Southwest Alabama

In January 2007, WNKU Radio Inc. filed a Form 314 application with the FCC to acquire a Class A FM station serving a rural corner of southwestern Alabama. The Commission gave its nod on March 3, but more than a decade later it has been found unable to pay a sizable amount due to the seller. As a result, it is relinquishing the facility, and it's the top deal in RBR+TVBR's TRANSACTIONS TODAY.

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