A ‘Unique’ Mako LPTV Permit Pair’s Sale Closes

In August, RBR+TVBR shared with readers the details of two "unique" low-power TV station permits that had just been sold by Mako Communications. These LPTV permits don't need to be constructed until 2023, giving the buyer a big window for getting the stations on the air. The transaction involving this LPTV-to-be pair just closed.

Closed: Ramar TV Properties In New Mexico Formally Sold

On July 30, RBR+TVBR first reported on agreement signed by the children of the late Ray Moran that involves the sale of a full-power TV station in Albuquerque and its associated full-power and low-power repeater stations in a transaction brokered by Kalil & Co. The buyer has now closed on the transaction.

Weigel Scores a L.A. DMA Property, Miles Away

The eastern Sierra Nevada town of Bishop, Calif., is, believe it or not, within the Los Angeles DMA. That's exactly why a TV station licensed to this little town has just been purchased by the owner of the MeTV Network and related Oldies radio brand.
Broadcast Tower

Burke Spins A Mississippi Trio To Holladay

The Holladay family has become well-known for their ownership of radio properties across the Deep South. Now, Bryan Holladay is signing of on an acquisition. Pending FCC approval, it will see the transfer of control of three FMs to his Meridian Media Group.

Want An Atlanta TV Signal? This One’s For Sale

It's no secret that available broadcast TV stations are few and far between for aspiring buyers. As such, there could be some considerable interest in a low-power TV station being marketed by one veteran media broker that serves one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the Southeast U.S.

Another Batch of Unique LPTV CPs Are Sold

In early July, a special group of low-power television station permits were put up for sale by a Texas-based company that didn’t wish to build them by their rather unique deadline of 2023. Several buyers stepped forward. Now, the seller has found a buyer for two Construction Permits in the Monterey Bay region of California.

The Transactions Trickle of 2021: Brokers Matter

Kagan's Volker Moerbitz's assessment of the transactions landscape through June 30 is a striking one: the first half of 2021 registered a total deal volume that was less than the average monthly deal volume in any of the years between 2011 and 2019. If it weren't for the presence of brokers, how much worse would things have been?

Gray Wins A LPTV Six-Pack In Winemiller Deal

Jeff Winemiller and his Lowcountry 34 Media has engaged in a series of transactions in recent months involving low-power television stations. On Thursday, he moved forward with the sale of six LPTV construction permits. The buyer? The company co-led by Pat LaPlatney and Hilton Howell Jr.
Philip Falcone

Philip Falcone’s New Venture Enters ‘America’s Finest City’

Former HC2 Holdings leader Philip Falcone has emerged as the head of a new entity seeking to build a collection of low-power TV stations as part of a spectrum play. He's signed off on several deals across 2021. Now, he's putting his signature on an asset purchase agreement involving a California property.

A Radio Group Prepares To Bring Local TV To The Ozarks

Ken Kuenzie and Dennis Klautzer have made headlines in recent years for their radio broadcasting investments. They include five audio brands serving the Lake of the Ozarks resort region of Missouri, and their December 2017 decision to join Larry Fuss as an investor in a Kaua'i FM serving the Hawaiian island. Now, their company is set to bring the first over-the-air TV station for the Ozarks.

Mako Spins Two More ‘Unique’ LPTV Permits

In early July, it became known that a special group of low-power television station permits were available, placed on the market by a licensee that didn't wish to build them by their rather unique deadline. What makes these LPTVs so special is that they don't need to be built until 2023. On Monday, two more of these LPTVs were spun, following a Scripps deal announced last week.

Lockwood Locks Up A Winemiller Spin

It's a broadcast television station owner with eight properties in 7 markets.  Now, it is adding a property in Virginia's quintessential college town, Charlottesville. The seller: Jeff Winemiller.
Dayton, Ohio

Nexstar Executes Option To Create Miami Valley Duopoly

While Cox maintains a dominant position in the Dayton-Springfield market of Ohio, Nexstar Media Group has a formidable presence, too. It owns the local NBC affiliate.  Soon, it will also own a second station in this market.
Ravi Kapur

Ravi Kapur Adds Florida LPTV Pair

A Bay Area entrepreneur who once appeared on-camera at KGO-7 in San Francisco has been an active buyer of late of low-power TV stations across the U.S. He's at it again. Ravi Kapur has just snagged a pair of LPTVs serving two of the Sunshine State's biggest markets. 

A Deep South CBS Affiliate Trades Hands

In a transaction that saw Kalil & Co. as the exclusive broker, a CBS affiliate serving Meridian, Miss., is being spun. The new owner is headed by Dr. Michael Hogan.
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