Weigel’s Dual-Market Bargain Win

Weigel Broadcasting, headed by Norman Shapiro, is expanding with a pair of unbuilt LPTV stations located in two key DMAs. It's a steal of a deal. And, guess who's the seller?

Gray Grabs A Western Colorado LPTV Property

In Grand Junction, Colo., Gray Television enjoys a formidable presence, with ownership of NBC/Telemundo/MeTV affiliate KKCO-11 and a low-power TV station that serves as the western Colorado market's home for ABC, Ion Network and The CW Network. Gray is adding another LPTV property to the mix.

Roseland Grabs More Unbuilt LPTVs from HC2

One month ago, a licensee headed by Matthew Davidge and Julie Huang agreed to purchase a trio of yet-to-be-constructed low-power TV stations serving small communities in Illinois, New Mexico and North Dakota, respectively. They've now struck a series of bigger deals with the entity that in May agreed to spin those three unbuilt LPTVs — HC2 Broadcasting.

Frank Copsidas Snags A Texas Hill Country LPTV Property

"SuperFrank" Copsidas has gained attention over the years for his television industry activity across New England. Now, he's decided to invest in a low-power TV station in a popular area of Texas due northwest of San Antonio.

Winemiller Spins Four LPTVs To A Zebra

Jeff Winemiller's Lowcountry 34 Media has decided to part ways with a low-power TV quartet in the Keystone State. He's earning a handsome sum from the divestment.
Not this Roseland, but a Roseland, just grabbed more HC2 LPTV spins.

Roseland Grabs A Trio Of LPTV CPs

Three unbuilt construction permits for low-power TV stations in Illinois, New Mexico and North Dakota, respectively, are being purchased by Roseland. OK, so most New Yorkers may only know the former Roseland Ballroom on 52nd Street. One Gothamate knows of another, and it's a Vice President at HC2 — the entity selling the facilities.
Adidas HQ in NE Portland, Ore.

A LPTV Trades Hands In Portland

In the not-too-distant past, Channel 36 in Salem, Ore., and Channel 26 in Portland, Ore., were simulcast partners offering Christian-themed television programming to Oregon's most populous areas. Now, the facility serving the Pacific Northwest's second-largest DMA is being spun. Who it is going to begs the question of how it will now be used.

David Lampel Signs Off On LPTV CP Sale

The permitee and owner of five low-power television station construction permits has opted to sell them instead of moving forward with getting the properties up and running itself. The result? David Lampel is getting a check from an individual largely known for his role as the head of Edge Spectrum.

A Deep South LPTV Permit Trades Hands

Travel west of Columbus, Miss., and you'll reach the city of Starkville. Here, a low-power TV station's construction permit is being spun. The buyer? The Columbus-based owner of the market's CBS affiliate.

A Pacific NW Hispanic Voice Expands, Thanks to HC2

From Ellensburg to Walla Walla, Washington, and down to Pendleton, Oregon, Hispanavisión has established itself over three decades as a home for Spanish-language television content in an area that's long attracted first-generation immigrants from Mexico and Central America. It's now adding a low-power TV facility. HC2 is the seller.
A Welcome To Georgia sign on I-95 at the Florida-Georgia Line

Peach State LPTV Trio Sold In Marquee Deal

Add three more low-power TV properties to the list of stations that HC2 Holdings is paring down from a roster that will live on as a leaner, but still active, set of broadcast facilities it intends to operate.
Wayne Barr Jr.

HC2 Sells Two More TV Properties

Under Wayne Barr Jr. as Chief Executive, HC2 has sold TV stations to Weigel Broadcasting and, most recently, to Gray Television. HC2 is adding to more TV stations to the sell pile.
Philip Falcone

Philip Falcone’s New LPTV Venture Grows

Former HC2 Holdings head Philip Falcone is now CEO of Sovryn Holdings. According to newly filed FCC documents, Sovryn is on a buying binge. In February, it agreed to purchase two properties in Los Angeles. Now, it is purchasing a Houston station.

‘SuperFrank’ Strikes Again With Spirited St. Louis Buy

“SuperFrank” Copsidas has made a name for himself in New York State, in the Deep South, in the Hoosier State, and across New England for his investment in low-power television operations. Now, the producer of the TV series "Pop Up Psychic," "Just Eat It" and "Ghost Rapper" is adding another television station to his roster of LPTV facilities.

Two LPTVs Transferred In Game Day Move

A digital low-power TV station serving Florida's state capital and a sibling LPTV facility located in Auburn, Ala., are being spun. It's a Game Day decision. Really. That's the name of the seller in this transaction.
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