TEGNA Hands Its Tower Management To InSite-ful Partner

A privately owned tower and wireless infrastructure company last week proudly announced the expansion of its broadcast tower portfolio.  In doing so, it took on support of a group of towers owned by one of the nation's top television broadcasting companies.
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An Aggressive End-Of-Summer Push From Automotive

Don't think auto dealer associations are serious about making a strong pitch to consumers ahead of the first day of school or the Labor Day holiday weekend? Think again. Following Toyota's lead, three other big automotive brands have revved up their advertising on spot television.

Louisiana TV Viewers, Leaders Mourn Loss Of Nancy Parker

A veteran TV reporter and anchor who has worked at the Gray Television-owned FOX affiliate serving New Orleans for 23 years spent Friday evening in the air shooting a story with a stunt pilot. Something went gravely wrong, and the plane crashed, killing the pilot and WVUE talent.

Here’s The Date KidVid Rule ‘Modernization’ Arrives

Wilkinson Barker Knauer attorney David Oxenford notes that formal notice has been published in the Federal Register of the FCC’s changes in the children’s television rules. This sets the effective date for most of those new rules. If you own and/or operate TV stations, you'll want to read this.

The Big Business Of Podcasting: More Than A Movement

"Great sessions, puppies, yoga, and dancing are just a few memories from Day 2 at Podcast Movement." That's what greeted Twitter followers midday Thursday, as one of the largest audio industry gatherings in the U.S. attracted hundreds of people eager to learn, share, comprehend and conduct big business.
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Who Cares About Local News? Blacks, Blue-Collared, and AARP Members

If you're a purveyor of local news, here's something that might catch your fancy: the groups that are most interested in the top headlines, sports news and weather information in their community prefer to get it from a TV station. Here's the bad news: the group of people most interest in local news is highly limited.

CBS/Viacom’s Wedding Reaction: ‘Tepid and Languid’

"The only real market surprise was the midday timing of the announcement," Wall Street analyst Michael Nathanson says in an investor note focused on the forthcoming ViacomCBS Inc. "Judging by the reaction, the new company will have to work extra hard to prove the financial merits of this combination."

Disney’s Secured Spectrum: A New Charter Deal Is Locked

There's no "blackout" worries for any ABC O&Os seen by viewers across Charter Communications' Spectrum cable TV services. Charter and The Walt Disney Company have inked "a comprehensive distribution agreement" that expands the previous deal. It includes the Aug. 22 launch of The ACC Network.

A Tribune CBS Affiliate Tearfully Deals With Reporter’s Death

At just 22 years old, Ivy Anderson joined the reporting staff of a Tribune Media-owned CBS station serving North Alabama's Tennessee Valley. Through tears, the station's anchors late last week announced to viewers that she has unexpectedly passed away.

Thirteen Years Of Separation End For CBS, Viacom

The most anticlimatic announcement in years finally arrived from CBS Corp. on Tuesday afternoon -- it is reunifying with Viacom. But, the initial separation in January 2006 and the reasons the move was done are very much worth a look today.

What’s Pay-TV’s Casualty Count For Q2?

The largest pay-TV providers in the U.S. – representing about 93% of the market – lost a whole lot of net video subscribers in Q2. And, the year-over-year increase in cord-cutters is a bit startling, new data from Leichtman Research Group show. Should broadcast TV worry?

Local Agencies: Warming To Advanced TV

The latest "Chart of the Week" from Borrell Associates features a particularly intriguing insight from its recently completed survey of 442 local ad agencies. "[It] looks like they're still in love with broadcast TV, but they've started open relationships with other video platforms," says Gordon Borrell.
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This Auto Dealer Association Wants Sizzling Sales

Here's something that's become a bit uncommon: an auto dealer association greatly increases its total spot TV play count at the beginning of the month, rather than at the end of the month. As a result, this automotive brand is the only one to appear on the latest Media Monitors Spot 10 report.

CBS & Viacom: The Last Waltz

Over the past 14 years and through massive changes in industry structure, CBS Corp. and Viacom have pursued separate paths and strategies. With new leadership, the companies are operating with similar goals in mind. That's a topic Michael Nathanson addresses in a fresh investor note.

Scripps Stock Sails Southward On Q2 Loss, Poor Q3 Visibility

The E.W. Scripps Co. saw a Q2 revenue gain that surpassed Wall Street estimates. A healthy retransmission fee rise was also seen in the quarter. But, Scripps' costs and expenses also increased. The result: a swing to a net loss. Investors were hardly pleased, sending SSP southward on Friday.

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