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PTC Calls For Ratings System Improvements To Be Implemented

The Parents Television Council has written to the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board Chairman Michael Powell and called on the board to “immediately implement the bold improvements to the ratings system and its oversight” that were recommended by the FCC, the PTC, and other experts. It’s a little “salty.” We have the full letter.

The Home Depot Scoots Up To Challenge GEICO

GEICO isn’t going anywhere, at this point, staying at number one among national cable advertisers. But Media Monitors is telling us that The Home Depot has surged from 24th to second place this week, falling just over 1,000 spots shy of the list leader.

Ashley HomeStore Tops TV Advertisers

After rocketing from 24th place to fourth last week, Ashley HomeStore tops the Media Monitors list of TV advertisers this time around, just squeaking by last week’s #1, McDonald’s, by a differential of 308 ads aired. You can bet they’ve been boosted by outdoor furniture sales, and home redecorating spurred on by spring cleaning.
TV Remote

Nominees Announced For International TV Audience Awards

The Monte-Carlo TV Festival and Eurodata TV Worldwide have announced the nominees of the 14th International TV Audience Awards. The awards are given in three categories: “Crime TV Series,” “Drama TV Series,” and “Telenovelas/Soap Operas.”
Cable / Satellite

OpenVault Reports Video-Internet Bundle Decline

Overall broadband usage continued to grow rapidly in Q1 2019, which fueled a decline in video-Internet bundles. This is the finding of the quarterly OpenVault Broadband Industry (OVBI) report, a quarterly report that reflects broadband usage based on the aggregate consumption of millions of subscribers.

Virtual Multichannel Growth Slows

While subscriber growth for virtual multichannel slowed, it didn’t stall in Q1 2019, increasing 5.8% from the end of 2018. This compares to an 11.8% compound quarterly growth rate between Q4 2017 and Q4 2018. The overall multichannel rate of decline was somewhat offset.

A Laredo Lasso Lures A LPTV Facility To Gray

Gray Television has a presence in a Rio Grande border city through its ownership of the market's NBC affiliate, which has ABC and Telemundo programming on digital multicast channels tied to this full-power facility. Now, it is getting an over-the-air boost with a LPTV buy.

Ramsey, Mungo Take A Step Up At TEGNA

Brad Ramsey in 2018 took the President/GM reins at one of TEGNA's biggest stations. Now, he's been promoted and will take on oversight of the company's stations in two other Lone Star markets. With Ramsey's new broader duties, WFAA's Executive News Director is being promoted.

OSHA Inspecting Okla. Tower Owner Following Iowa Death

Occupational Safety and Health Administration representatives spent Wednesday inspecting the TV tower used by a Sinclair-owned station in Iowa's biggest market. It did so to determine if the tower's Oklahoma-based owner broke any rules, leading to a technician's death.

‘A Year In Television’, On The Radar

A freshly released report offers broadcast TV station owners the opportunity to gain insight into ways "the biggest brands (including direct-to-consumer) are using TV advertising to cut through the clutter and capture the coveted TV audience." We've reviewed it for you.

After Four Decades, Mason To Tell TEGNA Goodbye

On January 31, 1997, TEGNA predecessor Gannett selected a corporate-level VP to serve as President/GM of its ABC affiliate in Grand Rapids.Twenty-two years later, she's stepping down from the role at WZZM-13, and will be retiring after 44 years in the TV industry.

Here’s What TV Companies Will Present At G.research Event

G.research will host its 11th Annual Entertainment & Broadcasting Conference on June 6 in New York City. This research meeting will feature presentations by senior management of three broadcast TV companies, in addition to the nation's top entertainment companies.

Music Licensing For Broadcast TV: Behind The Numbers

The purpose of the TVLMC "is to negotiate fair and reasonable fees" for broadcast TV stations that may air recorded music on any of the programming it airs. Do you own a FOX affiliate, or a station aligned with The CW Network? Read up, and you could save some cash.

NATPE Tackles ‘Market-wide Disruption’ With Streaming Summit

Don't think for a minute that the National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) isn't fully cognizant on how the "GAFAN" group of Silicon Valley has invaded both Hollywood and, as of the 2019-2020 Upfronts, New York.But, NATPE isn't trying to beat them, and is instead joining them. Or, to be more accurate, NATPE is inviting them in to its arena of TV leaders.

A Nexstar NBC Affiliate Debuts Its Next-Gen News Studio

On May 13, a Nexstar station serving Michigan's second-largest market made a leap into the next generation. A new news studio was inaugurated, and it brings WOOD-8 in Grand Rapids one step closer to bringing next-generation broadcasts of its newscasts to viewers.

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