The Cable Company Coy Cash Charm: Bill Bilking

Are U.S. cable companies charging consumers a little bit more than they expect every time they get a monthly bill? That's a suggestion made by watchdog publication Consumer Reports in a new investigation that finds MVPD "charged numerous costly fees."

TEGNA/Charter Chatter Continues As Soohyung Kim Ups Stake

The television broadcasting company formerly known as Gannett is continuing to fend off a "blackout" of its stations across all Spectrum cable TV markets. At the same time, it has disclosed that the CEO of the entity that's just entered into a partnership with Emmis Communications will become "actively engaged" with TEGNA.

Meredith CFO Starts Retirement Preparations

For a decade or so, Meredith Corp. has had a CFO that played a significant role in negotiating and securing financing for several large acquisitions -- including the purchase of TV stations in four markets. Now, this financial C-Suiter is heading into retirement, and has started a transition period set to extend into early 2020 while Meredith begins a national successor search.

Mako Makes Good On HC2 CP Promise

Simultaneous to a $29 million transaction struck just over two years ago, Corpus Christi, Tex.-based Mako Communications agreed to offer to HC2 certain Construction Permits that it may obtain at a later date, for no cash consideration. Mako is now handing four of them over.

Sinclair Yet To Pull Plug On Stations

The 5 p.m. Friday, September 27, deadline has come and gone but Sinclair stations have remained on AT&T's U-Verse and DirecTV distribution platforms. It is not presently clear how long this extension will last.

Auto Dominates TV Spot Ten

The Spot Ten chart for the week ending September 29 finds Chevrolet holding at number one, Ford again at number five, Nissan up a place to number sixth, Toyota at ninth (down from eighth), and Honda moving up to 10th from 12th position.
Taco Bell

No Change In Top 3 Cable Advertisers

For the week ending September 29, the Media Monitors Spot Ten Cable report saw Taco Bell, GEICO, and Liberty Mutual return as one, two, and three respectively.

Lucrative Potential From Characters With Disabilities

A new study from the Ruderman Family Foundation — a Boston-based organization advocating for the rights of people with disabilities — has found that viewers prefer to see characters portrayed with disabilities played by actors who have those disabilities.

FOX Sticks With Sunbeam For Multi-Year WSVN Deal

In May 2018, there was much chatter in South Florida that Ed Ansin-owned Sunbeam Television would lose its 30-year FOX affiliation. This was fueled by proposed spinoffs tied to a merger that never happened. As such, FOX isn't getting a Miami O&O. And WSVN-7 isn't following WHDH-7's lead.

ATSC 3.0: Just Call It ‘NEXTGEN TV’

Wondering what to call ATSC 3.0, the "next-gen" broadcast TV service that is being voluntarily adopted by UHF and VHF stations across the U.S.? There's now an industry-approved name for it -- and a snazzy logo which will distinguish forthcoming devices capable of receiving the new digital broadcast signals.
Cable / Satellite

High Bills, Retrans ‘Blackouts’: Top MVPD Consumer Woes

Don't think retrans "blackouts" or tough new agreements matter for MVPDs? When disruptions in service or high bill problems occur without proactive communication, service satisfaction declines among residential wireline customers, a new J.D. Power study finds.

New Study Shows Share of Streaming Eclipses TV Among Adults

After exponential growth in adoption of streaming between 2010 to 2016, the share of adult TV viewers who stream at least some of their TV content has plateaued for the past three years at around 65%. That's according to a just-released report from Horowitz Research.

Ten Weeks Later, FCC Follows DOJ In Approving Gray Duopoly

On Tuesday, some 10 weeks after DOJ gave its blessing to a duopoly's creation, the FCC's Media Bureau moved forward with a similar decision. As such, Gray Television has been cleared to grab an NBC affiliate. The deal, brokered by Kalil & Co., closed Wednesday afternoon.

Graham Joins In On Impressions Transition

NBCUniversal on Sept. 11 announced it is on board. One week ago, Hearst Television followed suit, with CBS and ABC each signaling their OKs on making the move. Now, Graham Media Group says it will transact all future advertising business utilizing impressions-based currency.

Netflix Shares Slide On Piercing Pivotal Adjustment

At one point, Netflix shares were forecast to be more than $500 per share. Now, a still-impressive $350 target price for the end of 2020 is being predicted by one big Wall Street watchman. Investors were less than thrilled, sending the OTT giant's stock down by more than 4% in afternoon trading.

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