Connected Video Devices To Top 1.1B Installed Through 2026

The installed base for internet-connected video devices is on course to rise at a 2.3% compound annual growth rate from 2021 through 2026 in the U.S. according to new S&P Global Market Intelligence analysis. As such, it places just slightly behind high-speed broadband household growth.
TVB / Television Bureau of Advertising

TV: The Golden State Voter’s Biggest Sway Player

The broadcast television industry's sales and advertising-focused advocacy group released preliminary data points to share from a forthcoming 2022 Voter Funnel survey looking at media’s influence on voters following the midterm election. Key California statistics were released on Thursday, ahead of a mid-December release of the full report.

The Cord-Nevers Of 2022: One-Third Of Non-Subscribers

Newly released research from Leichtman Research Group (LRG) has opened a new lens on the group of consumers who have never had a pay-TV service. According to LRG, this segment of consumers now constitutes one-third of non-subscribers.

DEI By DMA: An American Diversity Map

To identify the most ethnically diverse places in the United States, WalletHub compared more than 500 of the largest U.S. cities across three key metrics: ethnoracial diversity, linguistic diversity and birthplace diversity. Here's what they found.

How Is Gen Z Consuming Video Content Today?

How young consumers relate to long-form content, user-generated content and even eSports means a lot to today's broadcast and cable TV programming, sales and leadership teams. Thus, this Horowitz Research study is a must-read, as it seeks to tell advertisers what they should consider when looking to engage "these politically aware digital natives" — Gen Z watchers — in a big year for political dollars.
Hadassah Gerber, TVB

TVB Releases Two New Media Usage Studies

The TVB 2022 American Conversation Study, conducted by Engagement Labs, examines media’s influence on word of mouth marketing, while the 2022 Political Media Usage Studies look at media usage across linear and digital platforms in 2022 politically competitive states.

Nielsen On Streaming: Consumers ‘Overwhelmed’ by Choice

The information from Nielsen, which is mulling a takeover bid while shopping around for a better offer, offered the data in its first-ever "State of Play" report, which highlights the increasing boom of video content in both linear and streaming in recent years.

Audio’s Investment Gap: A Time vs. Spend Issue

WARC has teamed up with iHeartMedia for a just-released study on media consumption and audio investment in the U.S. According to the report, "The Investment Gap: Understanding the Value of Audio," domestic consumers spend 31% of their media time with audio. But, brands allocate just 8.8% of their media budget on "audio," let alone Radio.

Here Comes TikTok, Local Ad Execs

Borrell Associates has released another nugget from its April to late June 2021 Local Ad Agency Survey. Here's what broadcast media executives and sales associates need to know about how this rise could impact their chances of a buy — or not.
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News Website Traffic Surges In Q4, Comscore/Pew Data Show

For the 97 news outlets whose primary domain, its website, averaged at least 10 million unique visitors per month, traffic rose 11% in the fourth quarter of 2020. That's according to a fresh Pew Research Center analysis of the state of the U.S. news media.

Global Ad Spend Expected To Rise By Nearly 13%

New WARC quarterly data show Q1 2021 growth at 12.5% and Q2 2021 at 23.6% — the strongest rise in more than a decade. We've got all of the details here first!

Radio By The Numbers: AM Stations Shrink, FM Translators Thrive

The latest quarterly broadcast station totals have been released from the FCC. And, when one compares the numbers to the end of the first quarter of 2021, a clear trend can be seen: AM radio stations continue to be in decline, while FM translators are more numerous than ever. 

Daytime TV: The ‘Second Prime-Time’ For Total Consumption

With the newly established routines of consumers, the colder winter months and increased movement restrictions will further solidify daytime TV as a true work companion, Nielsen believes. In its words, "Understanding these behaviors now is vital, as they can leave a lasting impact on a post lockdown world."

Predicting Post-Pandemic Media Consumption

The first wave of a post-pandemic survey has been commissioned, and its goal is to explore the impact that COVID-19 has had on entertainment, leisure, and lifestyle habits. It includes a special focus on changes in television services used and viewing behaviors.

Hispanic Lives, Livelihoods In the COVID-19 Recovery

Hispanics and Latinos are key to the nation's recovery. However, a trio of McKinsey researchers conclude, this important and growing population group has been "damaged disproportionately" by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their recommendation? Targeted interventions are required to improve their health and economic outcomes.