All Eyes On The FCC Ahead Of Two Big Votes

Thursday, Dec. 14 is a big day for the Federal Communications Commission. With "net neutrality" set to disappear through legislation Republicans believe will "restore internet freedom," the FCC has issued guidelines as to how the public can view the meeting or attend in person. The end of "net neutrality" isn't the lone Hot Button topic up for discussion. The future of TV broadcasting is also up for a vote.
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House Majority Opposes New Radio Royalty Fees

If the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come were to pay a visit to radio stations across the U.S., they'd be likely bringing good tidings: There will be no new performance fees, taxes, royalties or other charges for a local AM or FM broadcast station owner. That's all but certain, now that a majority of the House of Representatives has expressed their support of a resolution opposing any legislation that would impose such payments on a broadcast company.

New Dashboard, Other Upgrades Come To FCC Website

The FCC on Monday flipped the switch on an online dashboard designed to provide the public with more information on the agency’s work. Now available at, the resource aims to give consumers better access to reports and graphics on FCC workloads, pending actions, and other accountability matrices—and more easily access Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) materials. 

Early January End To Main Studio Rule Expected

The FCC’s decision to abolish the main studio rule is to be effective 30 days after the publication of the decision in the Federal Register. That publication is tentatively scheduled, according to Federal Register documents reviewed by noted D.C. communications attorney David Oxenford, for Friday, Dec. 8. Here's what to expect come Jan. 7, 2018, according to Oxenford.

A ‘Campesina’ Consent Decree For Arizona FM

Has Farmworker Educational Radio Network (FERN), the licensee of the Cesar Chavez Foundation's noncommercial regional Mexican "La Campesina" network, received FCC approval of its request for a license renewal of an FM radio station in Arizona? We now know the answer, thanks to a Media Bureau Consent Decree released Wednesday by the Commission.

Can Two LPFMs In North Texas Sign On The Air?

The Media Bureau's Audio Division has reviewed a Petition for Reconsideration filed jointly by two Texas religious organizations seeking reconsideration of a decision that dismissed its respective applications for a permit to construct a new LPFM. One of the LPFMs was in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, while the other was to the northwest in Wichita Falls, Tex. What's the verdict for these petitioners?

Rosenworcel Selects A Special Advisor, In Confidence

FCC Commissioners Brendan Carr and Mignon Clyburn aren't the only ones welcoming new staffers to The Portals. Democratic Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel has a new Special Advisor and Confidential Assistant.

Who Is The FCC Welcoming As Its Newest Staffers?

There's a new Policy Advisor for media issues in the office of one Republican FCC Commissioner. At the same time, a Democratic FCC Commissioner has named a new Policy Analyst and Special Assistant in her office.

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: The D.C. Attorney’s Take

Over the course of the next few weeks, RBR+TVBR will be turning to media brokers and communications attorneys for their take on what's in store for broadcast media owners in 2018, while taking a look back at 2017 and sharing their thoughts on what's happened for radio and TV industry executives. We begin this series with thoughts from Garvey Schubert Barer partner Erwin Krasnow.
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Translator Fined For Packer Blocker Foul

The purpose of an FM translator station is to rebroadcast programming originating from an AM radio station, a fully-licensed FM radio station that needs "fill-in" coverage, or an HD multicast station seeking an audience on the traditional 88-108 MHz band. A Wisconsin operator didn't quite follow those rules, and the Commission has handed it a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forefeiture for not doing so. The good news is that the owner has been given the OK for the translator's license renewal.
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Second Filing Window In ‘Auction 100’ Ready To Open

Mark Jan. 25, 2018 on your calendar, AM broadcasters that still seek an FM translator. That's when the second cross-service FM translator auction filing window for stations with kHz-only signals -- a.k.a. Auction 100 -- begins. The window closes not long afterward.

Legal Contacts Update: ‘New’ Womble Absorbs B&B

On Nov. 1, Dupont Circle legal mainstay Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice completed its merger with the U.K.-based Bond Dickinson firm of barristers. With the combination of the law firms, the united entity is now known as Womble Bond Dickinson. The "new" Womble has just made its first M&A move by acquiring "a premier boutique practice focusing on wireless and broadband providers serving rural America."
Erwin Krasnow

Ask Your Potential Broker This

In May 2016, Garvey Schubert Barer attorney Erwin Krasnow explained the role of brokers and buyers. Here, we revisit his advice on what he believes are typical questions to ask when selecting a broker.

FCC Forms 323 and 323-E Now Available In FCC LMS

Looking for FCC Forms 323 and 323-E in the Commission’s Licensing and Management System (LMS)? They're now available, as the 2017 filing window for the submission of biennial broadcast ownership reports is now officially open.

Comment Deadlines Finalized For ‘Part 73’ NPRM

The FCC has locked in its Comment Date and Reply Comment Date for its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) that proposes to update two provisions in Part 73 of its rules governing broadcast licensees. This NPRM involves allowing broadcasters to notify the public of broadcast license applications through the internet, and allowing certain TV broadcasters to skip filing annual reports about so-called ancillary or supplementary services.

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