Initial Repack Reimbursements Heading To LPTVs, TV Translators

Low power television and TV translator stations will soon be getting reimbursement checks from the FCC with respect to bills incurred for post-spectrum auction repack needs. An initial allocation of funds from the TV Broadcaster Relocation Fund was given the green light.

ACA Connects Opts To Cancel Annual D.C. Summit

The annual public policy summit held in the Nation's Capital by ACA Connects, formerly the American Cable Association, has been scrubbed for 2020 as a result of the continued COVID-19 pandemic.

APTS Thanks Senate, Trump For Emergency Public Broadcasting Dollars

America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) has applauded the U.S. Senate for its approval on Wednesday of emergency funding for public broadcasting in the "third Coronavirus package," paving the way for millions of dollars to head toward noncommercial, educational radio and TV stations.

FCC March Open Meeting Goes Virtual

If TV news anchors, reporters and producers can do it, so can the federal agency that oversees it. The FCC will conduct, for the first time, an Open Meeting in a fully virtual, digital manner in lieu of a session held at its Southwest D.C. office building. Because of these special circumstances, three Media Bureau items on the agenda are expected to be voted on circulation prior to the meeting.

Kudos Comes As White House Renominates O’Rielly For New FCC Term

Mike O'Rielly, defender of Radio from unlicensed "pirate" operators and one of the industry's biggest champions on Capitol Hill, has been renominated by President Trump for a new term on the FCC. This led colleagues and the head of the NAB to laud O'Rielly and thank the White House for making the decision.

FCC Order Axes ‘Obsolete’ Public File Requirements

The Commission on Wednesday (3/18) adopted an Order making revisions to parts 73 and 76 of the Commission's rules. This eliminates what the FCC has considered to be obsolete transitional public file requirement language in its regulations.

Pai Commends Radio, TV For Coronavirus Response … and DISH Deals

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai on Monday held a conference call yesterday with TV and radio broadcasters, and broadcaster trade associations, to thank broadcasters for their efforts to educate the American people about the coronavirus pandemic and discuss additional ways that broadcasters can help Americans stay safe and informed during the coronavirus outbreak. 

A New Perspective For FCC EEO Regulations

A recent column appearing in another trade publication caught the attention of Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner. In his view, the piece "shed a whole new light of comprehension of the most egregious legislation plaguing U.S. Broadcasting defined as discrimination."

‘Largest Ever Spectrum Auction’ From FCC Is Done

"By making more low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum available, promoting the deployment of wireless infrastructure, and modernizing regulations to advance fiber deployment—the three components of the FCC’s 5G FAST plan—the FCC is enabling American consumers to reap the substantial benefits that will come from the next generation of wireless connectivity," the Commission said.

How Hispanics In Two Key States See Biden, Sanders

Arizona and Florida have significant numbers of Hispanic voters. With 2020 Democratic presidential primaries on their way to those states, Telemundo has released the results of a pair of surveys they conducted with Latino voters in those states who are likely to vote. The information could prove interesting to Spanish-language radio and TV C-Suiters.

A Michigan Voter Media Usage Study: Keys For TV Dollars

In February, TVB commissioned Dynata to conduct a study of registered Democratic voters in Michigan to gain an understanding of media usage, and attitudes toward traditional and digital platforms. Over 950 respondents were surveyed and to qualify, each respondent had to be a registered voter and had to have been exposed to any of over 20 media sources in the prior 24-hour period.

Benner On Washington: ‘Just Pay The FCC Fine — Or…’

Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner tells us that many, many classic examples of very questionable FCC fines, fees, forfeitures and legal expenses exist. And, apparently not even death is a defense against such charges.

House’s SubCommTech Group To Markup Diversity Rules

House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Frank Pallone Jr. and Communications and Technology Subcommittee Chairman Mike Doyle are putting the final plans together for a Subcommittee markup of 11 bills scheduled for Tuesday. Media diversity legislation is on the docket.

RTDNF’s Great Eight Honors Muir, Others at D.C. Awards Dinner

The Radio Television Digital News Foundation last week honored journalism professionals dedicated to defending the First Amendment. There were seven nominees in all, and we have their names.

ACA Connects Postpones Summit Due To Coronavirus

In a purely precautionary move, the association representing small and independently owned MVPDs is postponing its annual summit in Washington, D.C., over coronavirus-fueled COVID-19 concerns. ACA Connects confirms the event will go ahead at a future date.

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