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DOJ Reaches Info Sharing Settlement With TV Groups, Cox Reps

The DOJ has reached settlements with five owners of broadcast TV stations, as well as Cox Reps, to resolve a Department lawsuit brought as part of its ongoing investigation into exchanges of competitively sensitive information in the broadcast TV industry.

A House E&C Member’s Surprise Retirement Stuns D.C.

Susan Brooks was elected to serve in the U.S. House of Representatives for Indiana's 5th congressional district in 2012. The Republican serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and has been a key legislator on Capitol Hill on all things pertaining to the FCC. Not anymore.

A Refresher on the FCC’s Lowest Unit Charge Rules

With the lowest unit charge window for the November elections in effect since Sept. 7, 2018 and the first 2020 Democratic Presidential Debates coming at month's end, we revisit a review of FCC rules and policies affecting those charges presented by Wilkinson Barker Knauer partner David Oxenford.

More Support For ‘Local Radio Freedom Act’

Here's a story that the musicFIRST Coalition won't like reading. Nine Members of the House of Representatives and one Senator have added their co-sponsorship to a resolution opposing "any new performance fee, tax, royalty, or other charge" on local broadcast radio stations. 
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OMB OK’s FCC Broadcast Incubator Program

The federal Office of Management and Budget has given its approval for the information collection requirements contained in the FCC's broadcast incubator program.

ACDDE Membership Nominations Sought by FCC

The FCC has received General Services Administration approval to renew the charter of the Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment for 24 months, with an expected starting date of July 5. Members are now wanted.

Bay State Buccaneer Agrees To Settlement

The U.S. government on March 5 formally filed a civil action designed to prevent an unlicensed radio station in Worcester, Mass., operated by Vasco Oburoni and the Christian Praise International Church, from continuing to evade the FCC. A settlement has just been reached.

‘All You Need For Assured Compliance’

"When you consider what some D.C. Communications lawyers charge per hour, we’re talking a real bargain here," says featured columnist Ken Benner. He's finger-pointing some 1,947 pages on the subject of compliance, and the price for both volumes for the code of Federal regulations.

FCC Five Scheduled For Senate Inquisition

OK, so perhaps it won't be a period of prolonged and intensive questioning or investigation. That said, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and the four Commissioners will likely be spending a good portion of Wednesday in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill.

Starks Dissent Can’t Stop FCC OK Of New Leased Access Rules

The FCC has vacated its leased access rules for the TV industry, ruling that saying goodbye to the "burdensome requirements" set forth in a 2008 order are no longer consistent with "today's highly competitive video marketplace." The two Democratic Commissioners dissented in part.

Opinion: The FCC Should Elevate ‘Rigorous Decision-Making’

The rise in partisanship at the FCC is a product of both Congressional interference and the FCC's siloed structure, says Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the AEI. He believes "a functional reorganization" could improve the FCC's ability to carry out its responsibilities.

Among The License Renewal Nightmares ….

How can FM translators and boosters be certified as compliant under the “mock” or Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program? That's a question posed to featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner, who shares his words of wisdom in this exclusive column.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Avoiding ‘Lender Nightmares’

Erwin Krasnow and Doug Ferber have penned a four-part series of articles exclusively for RBR+TVBR readers on ensuring a smooth closing. In this concluding article, Krasnow and Ferber discuss how to make the closing of a broadcast deal a dream, as opposed to a nightmare.

Here Are The New Public Notice Procedures On Radio Renewal Apps

Via a Public Notice, the Media Bureau has formally announced its revisions to the procedures for releasing Public Notice of the acceptance for filing and disposal of license renewal applications filed during the upcoming 2019-2022 radio license renewal cycle.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Keeping The Dream Alive

Don't let your radio or TV station deal implode right before closing. Here are some tips to avoid such a nightmare scenario, in Part Three of an exclusive four-part series from noted D.C. communications attorney Erwin Krasnow and media broker Doug Ferber.

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