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NCTA Washington confab seen as sign of weakness

Typically the big communications organizations hold their conventions at locations all over the map – NAB can be found in Las Vegas once a...

The Presidential Election Is Going Mobile

The author and entrepreneur believes political advertising has become “a battle for palms and fingers.”

Late Spring For Transactions Bloom?

There were no new transactions posted at the FCC on Monday (3/6), and it's been relatively quiet overall -- aside from Entercom's blockbuster tax-free merger with CBS Radio, which was months in the works. Are we in the midst of the calm before the storm of sales and tornado of transactions strikes the U.S.?
U.S. Congress

This House Member Wants The Tax Certificate Back

The FCC's lone Democratic Commissioner, Mignon Clyburn, has found a friend in Congress in support of her quest to have the minority tax certificate returned for radio and TV broadcasters.
Ajit Pai

Pai’s Promise: To Get Out Of The Way

At a colossally large conference with much of the action and activity in the Central Hall – where the tech players are, as opposed to the North Hall with a lighter flow of attendees checking out radio and TV tech firms’ exhibit booths – FCC Chairman Ajit Pai began his address by talking about radio and ending with a reference to Vin Scully, and how his ability to step out of the way at the best time is a perfect allegory for how the Commission should regulate broadcasters.

Now On Public Notice: A Review Of The FCC’s Media Rules

Don't like some of those "unnecessary or burdensome" FCC rules? You're in luck. The Commission today issued a Public Notice that begins a review of its rules applicable to media entities, including broadcasters, cable operators, and satellite television providers.

Get Ready For Rosenworcel’s Return To The FCC

In a turn of events that might have seemed stunning at any other time in presidential history, President Donald Trump — in a statement that was distributed just before midnight Wednesday (6/14) — indicated that he intends to nominate the Democrat to a whole new five-year term on the Commission.

Now Available: An ‘Auction 99’ Online Tutorial

Is your company participating in the filing of "Auction 99" applications for new cross-service FM translators? An online tutorial is being provided by the FCC to help you in this process.

This NYC DMA TV Station Gets ‘E/I’ Decree From FCC

The FCC on Wednesday entered into a Consent Decree with Mountain Broadcasting Corp. that resolves issues tied to the license renewal application of the company's full-power UHF station serving the New York Tri-State Area. The agreement was struck after the station was found to be deficient in its failure to display the "E/I" symbol throughout the duration of all educational programming.

Chairman Pai To Visit Media Hit By Harvey

As students across North America head back to school (if they haven't done so already) and many of the radio industry's leaders travel to Austin, Texas for the 2017 Radio Show, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will be heading to the Lone Star State to see first-hand what wrath Hurricane Harvey brought upon broadcast media in its path.

Free Speech Or Fireable Offense? When Social Media Slays Jobs

What should a broadcasting company do in reaction to a controversial social media post made by one of their big personalities on their show's social media account? For CBS Radio's Las Vegas cluster, there was no reprimand or strong warning handed to Heidi Harris after she went on Facebook to criticize same-sex adoptions. She was fired. Did CBS Radio go too far? RBR+TVBR turned to the D.C. legal community for their view on the matter.

A Partial Victory For Victory Television Network

The company behind a network of independent religious noncommercial TV stations in Arkansas recently petitioned the FCC to modify the local satellite carriage TV market of one of its stations licensed to the city of Jonesboro. It wants in to two other DMAs, giving it access to DISH Network and DirecTV systems. The DBS players said it was "partially feasible," and the FCC's Media Bureau has now ruled on the matter.

The FCC Chairman’s View On ‘Modernizing Our Regulations’

"One of the most powerful forces in government is inertia," says FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. "Rules that get on the books stay on the books, sometimes long after the rationale that underlay their adoption is gone." And, with those words, the head of the Federal Communications Commission laid out his rationale for Thursday's revelation of an actual order set for introduction at its November Open Meeting that would bring major changes to the agency's media ownership rules.

Five Reasons Why ‘Restoring Internet Freedom’ Works

The Washington, D.C. conservative think tank American Enterprise Institute has played the role of chief influencer at the FCC since the transition in power from President Obama to President Trump. Thus, it should come as no surprise that Mark Jamison -- an individual who questioned the very existence of the Commission in late October 2016 -- is in favor of the abandonment of Title II classification for broadband. It's an important topic for broadcast media groups, and here's why Jamison is pushing for the end of "net neutrality."

Here’s An Overview of the Music Modernization Act

What exactly would H.R. 4706, the Music Modernization Act, accomplish in bringing music licensing "its first meaningful update in almost 20 years?" The bill reforms the music licensing landscape in four main dimensions, and here is an overview of what it would do.

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