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Gordon Smith

NAB’s Smith urges passage of new FEMA bill

The Federal Emergency Management Reauthorization Act of 2011 is on the table, and NAB President/CEO has written to key House members in support, due...
FEMA / Federal Emergency Management Agency

FEMA Regional EAS Webinar Still On

A FEMA webinar related to an upcoming regional EAS test is still on for Oct. 28.
Erwin Krasnow

The Road Map For Potential Foreign Investors

This column from two noted D.C. attorneys provides a road map for taking advantage of the current regulatory climate

Is ‘Fair Play’ A Threat To Local Radio Freedom?

A 25-year Democratic Congressional veteran representing parts of Manhattan and Brooklyn and the Chair of the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology have served notice that a bi-partisan push to create a "radio tax" has just begun. The NAB chimed in, and we've got a RBR + TVBR OBSERVATION on the hot-button issue of performance royalties for radio.
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

NAB Seeks FCC Rulemaking On Potential Translator Interference

The FCC on Thursday received a petition for rulemaking from the NAB regarding the potential interference caused by FM translators to full-power radio stations. Specifically, the NAB proposed certain rule and policy changes designed to provide translator licensees greater flexibility to resolve any interference issues, and to facilitate "the efficient disposition of interference complaints against translators."

Time Runs Out For Erie Radio CP

A winning bidder for an FM construction permit in the FCC's Auction 98 has just seen its long-form application for the permit dismissed. The action comes after the bidder failed to make a required downpayment for the permit, and sought a waiver for the deadline. This request was denied, thanks (in part) to Connoisseur Media. Now, the bidder has no new station. And, the company has been assessed an interim default payment.

Are The FCC’s Pirate Police Packing A Bigger Punch?

There's a bit of glasnost at the FCC under the chairmanship of Ajit Pai not seen under previous Chairman Tom Wheeler. This has been extended to the release of Notices of Unlicensed Operation to the public. There have been a flurry of them of late, and it shows that the New York office of the FCC's Enforcement Bureau has gotten tough on pirate radio operators across the Tri-State area.

This Top Exec Pleads For FCC Embedded Market Rule Change

Connoisseur Media chief Jeff Warshaw wants changes to the embedded market rule that affects New York and Washington, DC. He’s addressing the issue to the FCC, including a July 5 letter to the Commission. The NAB is backing the move. Warshaw has been championing the cause for several years, seeing it as being against the public interest and competition, and another example of the radio industry laboring under outdated, pre-Internet regulations.

‘Viewer and Listener Protection Act’ Gets NAB’s Applause

Republican Sen. Jerry Moran of Kansas on Wednesday introduced legislation that would establish a new "Viewer and Listener Protection Fund" within the U.S. Treasury to make certain broadcasters nationwide can stay on air. The move follows the introduction of similar legislation in the House of Representatives by Rep. Frank Pallone.

Carr’s Car Trip: Tech, Telecom and Towers

During the July confirmation hearing for the newest FCC Commissioner, Brendan Carr spoke about the important role that tech and telecom policies can play "in creating jobs, spurring investment, and growing the economy for the benefit of all Americans." It's one of the reasons why Carr has focused his attention on policies that can promote broadband deployment, and served as the focal point of his just-completed trek to North Carolina — which included a visit to American Tower.

‘Improved Transparency’ Needed For FCC’s Enforcement Bureau?

That's the conclusion from a newly released report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) that addresses actions the Commission has taken since 2012 to update its enforcement program. What does the GAO recommend? Click here for the details.

Nebraska Senator’s Chief Counsel Joins Carr’s FCC Team

The Chief Counsel for Nebraska Republican Sen. Deb Fischer is shifting from Capitol Hill to the Portals. She's joining the staff of Commissioner Brendan Carr, taking the role of Chief of Staff and Legal Advisor for wireline issues.

On Party-Line Vote, FCC Votes To End Main Studio Rule

Fiery dissent from the FCC's two Democratic Commissioners couldn't sway at least one of their three Republican colleagues to vote alongside them on a matter of keen interest to radio and TV station owners. As a result, in a 3-2 party-line vote, the elimination of the main studio rule is on its way to fruition, putting an end to a regulation crafted — as Commissioner Brendan Carr noted in his comments — just months before the start of World War II.

NAB Cheers House OK Of Tax Reform Legislation

The House of Representatives on Thursday (11/16) approved comprehensive tax reform legislation. That was another cause for celebration in a day that saw NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith issue a plethora of joyous statements.
Virginia Flag

Should The Sale Of A Virginia AM Be Denied?

The owner of a silent AM serving an area of Southwestern Virginia some 40 miles from Bristol and Johnson City, Tenn., agreed to sell the station months ago. However, a Petition for Reconsideration by another broadcaster operating in the region was filed with the FCC's Media Bureau in an attempt to get another look at an Application for Review of the Commission's license renewal and transfer OK -- denied in November 2016. An Order on Reconsideration has just been released by the Media Bureau on the matter.
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