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NEXTGEN TV Rule Change Date Affirmed by FCC

The Media Bureau announced Friday that the Next Gen TV Second Report & Order, Order on Reconsideration, and associated rule changes now have an official effective date. What does this mean for broadcast TV station licensees across the U.S.?

Broadcast Internet NPRM Comment Dates Set

On June 9, the FCC issued a Declaratory Ruling and NPRM designed to foster the growth of next-generation data services enabled by the transition of digital television to the ATSC 3.0 standard. Now, it has formally established a comment and reply comment period for its Broadcast Internet NPRM, something TV stations are poised to greatly benefit from.

House E&C Approves A Series Of Communications Bills

On to the House floor for seven communications bills and one House resolution approved on Wednesday by the Democratic-controlled House Energy & Commerce Committee. One of the pieces of legislation deals with media diversity, while a House Resolution introduced by a representative from Florida received an affirmative nod.

NAB On C-Band Transition: Satellite Operator ‘Modifications’ Urged

The NAB on Monday filed comments with the FCC regarding transition plans submitted by eligible satellite operators for vacating part of the C-band spectrum, a swath of spectrum used by local radio and TV broadcasters every day to deliver news, sports and other popular content for their broadcasts.

Repack Complete: TV’s Post Spectrum Auction Transition Ends On Time

Even with a pandemic potentially hampering the highly intricate and long-planned process, the FCC's post-incentive auction transition has successfully met its 39-month deadline. With its completion of the broadcast spectrum repack, NAB head Gordon Smith offered a statement expressing how "incredibly proud" he was of broadcast TV "for its herculean efforts."

FCC Reinstates ‘Certain Vacant FM Allotments’

With the approval of Nazifa Sawez, the Audio Division Assistant Chief in the FCC's Media Bureau, the Commission on Friday updated the FM Table of Allotments (“FM Table”) to reinstate "certain vacant FM allotments." What, exactly, does this mean?

Jazzy Jolt: A Buckeye State LPFM Gets Locale Warning

Where the Outerbelt meets East Broad Street is Mt. Carmel East Hospital and Columbus Country Club, due east of downtown Columbus, Ohio. It's also home to the tower for a 100-watt FM offering up traditional jazz programming. Or, is it? This LPFM has been warned by the FCC for its operation from an unauthorized site.

House Subcommittee Signals Increased Funding for Public Broadcasting

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education and Related Agencies has recommended $515 million in advance funding for public broadcasting in 2023. This was met with applause from America's Public Television Stations, the nonprofit organization "ensuring a strong and financially sound public television system."

Paternity Leave For Johnson Brings Acting GC To FCC

The FCC's General Counsel, Thomas M. Johnson Jr., will be on paternity leave starting next week. As such, an Acting General Counsel for Litigation will be in place at the Commission through September 4.

RBR+TVBR INFOCUS PODCAST: Widelity’s FCC Fine Avoidance Plans

A Northern Virginia-based business and network engineering consulting services firm that works closely with the broadcasting industry has just launched a new practice division. As Widelity Corporation describes it, the division is "one that could save radio and television stations thousands of dollars in FCC fines." Really? Doubters should listen to this podcast. LISTEN HERE

WBK Partner Begins Term As FCBA President

A Wilkinson Barker Knauer Partner who serves as Director of Social Responsibility at the Washington communications law firm has formally started her term as President of the Federal Communications Bar Association (FCBA).

Pew: Viewers See Partisanship and More in COVID-19 News

New Pew Research Center analysis finds that among five key sources of COVID-19 information asked about, U.S. adults give the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health organizations the highest rating when it comes to getting the facts about the pandemic right.

FCC Extends Waiver of Sponsorship ID Requirements for COVID-19 PSAs

The FCC has adopted an Order extending through August 31 a previous waiver of sponsorship identification requirements to promote the airing of COVID-19 public service announcements.

THIS TV Station’s Mandatory DBS Denial Is Affirmed

The owner/operator of a low-power TV station in West Virginia was unsuccessful in getting the nation's two Direct Broadcast Satellite service providers to add the station to their respective local market lineups. So, he went to the Commission to see a declaratory ruling requiring DirecTV and Dish to carry the property, as a local cable company did. That didn't work.

CPB Selects A VP/Radio From Within

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has upped its Director of Content, an individual who first joined CPB's radio department in 2005, to the role of VP/Radio. In her new role, she'll be charged with developing and implementing strategies "to strengthen the ability of public radio stations to create high-quality, multiplatform content and to grow their audiences."

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