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Cox Media Group Wins Brief Post-Incentive Auction Move Extension

A July 3 deadline for the transition of a Cox Media Group-owned UHF facility in Florida to a new channel as part of the FCC's post-incentive auction broadcast transition won't be made. That's OK: The Commission has voted unanimously to grant the station a "brief" extension, due to "circumstances beyond the station's control."

Wicker Wants FCC Five On Capitol Hill For Oversight Hearing

Since the COVID-19 pandemic led the FCC to shift nearly all of its staff to home offices and convert its monthly Commissioner meeting to an online format, it's been rare to have Chairman Ajit Pai, and the four Commissioners, gathered in one physical space. While distancing measures are likely, this will take place on June 24 — in the Russell Senate Office Building.

NALEO, Telemundo Team Up For Census 2020 Hispanic Push

A new analysts by the NALEO Educational Fund, in partnership with NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, shows that self-response rates in states with large Latino populations are lagging behind the rest of the U.S. As a result, NALEO and Telemundo are teaming up to increase the Latino Census count.

An Agri-Push For Federal Dollar Delivery To COVID-19-Battered Local Media

A collection of groups representing rural and agricultural interests have written to Congressional leaders asking that existing federal agency advertising funds be directed to local broadcasters and news publishers. As such, they argue the lawmakers should appropriate additional federal advertising funding in future appropriations bills to local media, ensuring their financial health.

APTS, NAB Chime In On ‘Distributed Transmission Systems’ NPRM

America’s Public Television Stations (APTS) and the NAB late Friday filed a response to the FCC's NPRM on potential changes to the Commission’s rules governing Distributed Transmission Systems (DTS) that commends them for moving forward "expeditiously" in the proceeding. Now, the groups hope that swift pace doesn't ebb.

Wicker, Thune Encourage FCC Action on C-Band Spectrum

Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Roger Wicker has teamed with John Thune, head of the Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, Innovation, and the Internet, in authoring a letter to FCC Chairman Ajit Pai that encourages the agency "to move swiftly" to clear C-Band spectrum so it may meet its planned auction timeline on December 8.

FCC: ‘Financial Concerns’ An Insufficient Excuse For Station Silence

The only full-powered FM station licensed to Beulah, N.D., is no more. It's the result of a FCC Audio Bureau decision that finds this station, which had been taken off the air "for financial reasons," couldn't use that as a reason for its failure to broadcast. As such, its license was cancelled and its call letters were terminated.

Black Media Owners To America: ‘Actions, More Than Words’

First, it was the disproportionate COVID-19 pandemic impact on the Black community. Then, it was the murder of George Floyd, and the resulting nationwide protests tied to a message that "Black Lives Matter." Now, a group of NABOB members believe it is time for Corporate America and Capitol Hill to speak up.

NAB Pleads For Relief For Broadcasters On Reg Fees

On Tuesday, New Jersey Broadcasters Association head Paul Rotella filed formal comments with the FCC asking that it permanently reduce, “and certainly not raise,” regulatory fees for broadcasters. Now, the NAB is chiming in with its own comments on the Commission's rulemaking pertaining to regulatory fee increases for fiscal 2020.

FCC Wants Input on C-Band Rebanding Cost Reimbursements

The FCC is truncating the C-band satellite downlink band from a bandwidth of 500 MHz to 200 MHz, with the other 300 MHz to be auctioned for terrestrial wireless services. Fletcher Heald & Hildreth attorney Peter Tannenwald explains here what's in store satellite dish operators entitled to reimbursement for costs associated with equipment modifications.

O’Rielly FCC Renomination Hearing On The Docket

Is it that time already? The Chairman of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, will convene a nominations hearing on Tuesday (6/16) that will consider several presidential nominations. Among them: the renomination of a FCC Commissioner.

FCC Moves Forward With ‘Broadcast Internet’ Ruling

The FCC has issued a Declaratory Ruling designed to foster the growth of next-generation data services enabled by the transition of digital television to the ATSC 3.0 standard. It's a move the Commission calls another important step "to further unlock the potential of broadcast spectrum, empower innovation, and create significant value" for TV station owners and consumers.

A Big Political Agency Inks Deal For Nielsen Voter Ratings

From offices in Alexandria, Va., National Media works with political campaign managers to research, plan, and manage an election campaign across all mediums. This includes television. As such, National Media has committed to getting a better understanding of ad delivery to key TV audiences, while also gaining greater comprehension of the actual voter.

A FCC Commissioner Cheers Broadcast Internet Initiative Support

Broadcast Internet promises consumers "a range of innovative offerings" that can be delivered over the broadcast television spectrum that blankets U.S. communities today. These offerings include support for autonomous vehicles, the "Internet of Things," smart agriculture and telemedicine, among other applications. The very prospect of Broadcast Internet highly excites one FCC Commissioner.

FCC’s Starks Calls For ‘Diverse Ownership’ In George Floyd Statement

FCC Commissioner Geoffrey Starks has spoken out on nationwide protests in response to racial injustice and the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis by committing himself to furthering diversity in media ownership. The comment comes just one day after GOP colleague Brendan Carr advocated for the further deregulation of radio industry ownership rules.

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