Starks Sets Staff As O’Rielly Names Ericson’s Sucessor

In October 2018, Brooke Ericson prepared for two major life changes: a wedding and a new job. She exited as Chief of Staff and Media Advisor for Republican FCC Commissioner Mike O'Rielly, and we now know who is succeeding her in O'Rielly's office. We also know who the Chief of Staff is for Geoffrey Starks.

FCC Moves To Improve ‘MX’ Apps For New LPFMs, NCEs

While the FCC's current NCE and LPFM procedures have facilitated the grant of several thousand new station construction permits, some of these regulations are "unnecessarily complex" and have caused problems for applicants seeking in good faith to comply with them. The FCC now seeks to remedy that situation.

House E&C Chair Wants ‘Comprehensive’ Internet Data Privacy Law

The new Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee has released a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report recommending that Congress develop comprehensive internet data privacy legislation to enhance consumer protections while maintaining flexibility to address a rapidly evolving internet.

Paper Trail To D.C. Formally Ends For Broadcast Media

Radio and TV stations are no longer required to file paper copies of Section 73.3613 documents, which are routinely presented to the Commission. But, stations must continue to make the documents available to the Commission and the public. Here's a reminder of how that's done.

WBK Promotes Four To Partner

Wilkinson Barker Knauer LLP has elevated four attorneys to the level of partner. Two have some level of experience working with the FCC, while all will be tackling various levels of issues of importance at the Commission.

ACA To FCC: Repeal Rate Reg Rules For Small MVPDs

The ACA is urging the FCC to eliminate rate regulation rules for small cable operators. More specifically, it wants the Commission to provide deregulatory relief, at a minimum, to systems serving 15,000 or fewer subscribers that are owned by cable companies serving 400,000 or fewer subscribers. 

Those ‘Bennerizm Wizdomics,’ As Requested

In a “Seminar Notes” booklet prepped over a decade ago, definitions to phrases concocted by Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner, along with suggestions he offered, came with a guarantee. If followed, he promises, comes "extraordinary success for any Radio or TV licensee."

Wicker To Hold Hearing Probing Consumer Data Issues

The hearing will examine what Congress should do to address risks to consumers and implement data privacy protections for all Americans. Given the push into digital by radio and TV, this hearing could prove meaningful to broadcasting companies.

MMTC Brings EEO ‘Errors Of Fact’ To Fifth Commissioner

Now that Geoffrey Starks has become a FCC Commissioner, the MMTC met with his acting legal advisor in person to share their thoughts on what it considers to be “errors of fact, policy and law” in a Jan. 3, 2019 “White Copy.” MMTC also shared its thoughts on proposals for a new Class C4 FM station.

Hill Hullabaloo Over Broadband’s Title II Classification Kill

The #SubCommTech wing of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee on Thursday held a hearing on "Preserving an Open Internet for Consumers, Small Businesses, and Free Speech." Democrats and Republicans had something to say. So did TechFreedom, following the hearing.

Senate Commerce Committee To Consider CPB Nominees

Capitol Hill consideration of four nominees to the Board of Directors of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting will be the focus of an executive session of the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation scheduled for Wednesday morning in Dirksen SOB.

Wiley Rein’s Ruff Choice For Consulting Counsel

The former Vice President of International Government Relations and Policy at Verizon Communications, has joined Wiley Rein LLP in Washington, D.C. Her role is as Consulting Counsel.

The ‘Auction 101’ Broadcaster’s Guide to Spectrum Valuation

With another FCC spectrum auction in the books, many broadcasters may be interested in taking stock of the value of their spectrum usage rights and the likelihood that they may have an opportunity to monetize their spectrum in the future. Ari Meltzer of Wiley Rein LLP is happy to help with this guide.

Tips To Keep Tower Operations Tip-Top

Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner offers"a simplified, common sense, good faith effort to suggest compliance with required tower lighting, paint color, registration, lighting requirements, etc., with suggestions for obtaining documentation supporting your efforts to be compliant with this very important public safety effort." It could prove very valuable -- and save your stations from an FCC violation notice and/or fine.

FCC Finalizes Daylong Symposium On Media Diversity

A range of issues pertaining to best practices for multicultural groups and women in broadcasting and related industry sectors will comprise the bulk of the discussion topics set for a full-day FCC symposium planned for the first Thursday in March.

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