Media Bureau Front Office Staff Sees Jackson’s Return

The FCC Media Bureau is celebrating a promotion, and the return to the Commission of an individual who will now serve as associate bureau chief under Michelle Carey.

CSRIC Rechartered, Members Wanted

With an April 16 Public Notice, the Commission now seeks nominations for membership on and a Chairperson for this Committee. The Commission has established the CSRIC for a period of two years, with an expected first meeting in June of 2019.

Teed Up For Review: FCC Regulatory Fees

We knew FM translator interference concerns would be on the agenda of the FCC's May Open Meeting. Now, thanks to a blog post from FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, radio and TV executives have another topic of keen interest to take note of come Thursday, May 9.

Clock Phase Of ‘Auction 102’ Concludes

For Wiley Rein attorney Ari Meltzer and engineering consultant Rick Engelman, the results of both Auction 102 and Auction 101 provide a clear indication that the wireless industry views millimeter wave spectrum as an important part of the country’s 5G future.

Carr’s Southern Car Trip Begins Today

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr is hitting the road and will visit three Southern states starting today. Will this include visits to a radio or TV station, or perhaps involve another tower climb?

Here It Is: LMS Filing For Radio Stations Begins

The FCC’s Media Bureau has officially started the transition of electronic filing of radio station applications and pleadings from the current Consolidated Data Base System (CDBS) to the LMS online electronic filing system. What does that mean for you?

Bidding Procedure Say Wanted On ‘Largest Airwaves Auction’ To Date

The FCC has officially open a public comment period on its proposed application and bidding procedures for the third 5G spectrum auction. This will see competitive bidding for airwaves in the Upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz spectrum bands.

Life As A White House Correspondent, In Trump Times

What's it like to cover the Trump administration from the White House for a network TV correspondent? Three women and one man shared all of the details in a NAB Show Main Stage Q&A session with President/CEO Gordon Smith on Tuesday morning in Las Vegas.

FCC Economists Study … Economists!

Yes, you read the headline correctly.You might be tempted to see “Economists at the Federal Communications Commission study economics,” but the topic of study was economists, not economics, notes American Enterprise Institute visiting scholar Mark Jamison.

The FCC’s New Guy: ‘A Huge Fan Of Broadcast’

Three FCC Commissioners participated in a Monday NAB Show panel discussion featuring an assortment of questions focused on where the FCC is headed. Among the participants: Geoffrey Starks. What does he think of media regulation moves, and GOP-fueled "modernization"?

ATSC 3.0: ‘A New Broadband Pipe’

"This is an exciting and transformative time for broadcasters," said FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr. One of the biggest reasons for this, he noted at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, is the technology getting much discussion on Monday afternoon: ATSC 3.0.

FCC’s Economics/Analytics Office Has a ‘Working Paper’

The FCC has followed through on a commitment to incorporate "strong economic analysis and data analytics" in its work by releasing its first "Working Paper" since 2012.  The release comes following the 2017 creation by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai of the Office of Economics and Analytics

O’Rielly Asks NYC-Area House Members For ‘PIRATE’ Power

The FCC's biggest crusader against unlicensed radio broadcast activity wrote to members of the House with districts in and around the New York City area to personally ask them for further efforts designed to give the Commission's Enforcement Bureau added firepower.

The New Spectrum Frontier: Acting On Potential

The FCC has opened a new frontier in the amount of spectrum available for unlicensed and experimental operations, adopting rules covering frequencies between 95 GHz and 3 THz (3,000 GHz). Find out what this means for you from a Fletcher Heald & Hildreth attorney.

Are Alternative Inspections Now A Thing Of The Past?

Media Information Bureau featured columnist Ken Benner is thrilled that the "ABIP Wheel" has rolled into the Portals and captured its attention. Why? It seems things he's advocated for have gotten the FCC's attention -- and they've reacted in a positive manner.

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