Thursday CSRIC Gathering Affirmed By FCC

A seventh Meeting for the Communications Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council is now a go, the FCC announced on Friday.
U.S. Congress

A Goodbye To Mulvaney, And A Call To Curtail Lobbying

A Senate vote on Thursday affirmed who will take over the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from acting director Mick Mulvaney, the subject of this column from Ken Benner. Mulvaney's attitude towards how things, in his mind, get done in D.C. irks Benner yet again.

Sippel’s Successor As FCC ALJ Is An Ethical Choice

For the past 14 years, she has served in the FCC's Office of General Counsel as an Ethics Counsel. In 2018, she led the agency’s ethics team as Assistant General Counsel for Ethics. Now, this 31-year Commission veteran will serve as its new Administrative Law Judge.

Pai ‘Acknowledges’ Russian Prying In ‘Net Neutrality’ NPRM

On Nov. 7, the FCC said no to a FOIA request for portions of the Commission’s ECFS server logs related to the "Restoring Internet Freedom" Docket. What's getting attention, however, is a statement tied to the Order from Chairman Pai that appears to acknowledge Russia-based meddling.

The ‘Welcome Return’ Of Economics At The FCC

After several years of silence — at least that’s what it seemed like from the outside — FCC economists again have a voice, says a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. In this column, Mark Jamison argues that the communications industry will benefit from this return of economic voices.

Proper Pai: No Problem With Sinclair-Tribune Acts

With Tribune Media now heading to Nexstar, the Office of Inspector General revealed that it has wrapped up its follow-up investigation of the now-aborted marriage of Tribune and Sinclair Broadcast Group. Once again, Ajit Pai appears to have done no wrong.

An Outstanding Standard For American Broadcasting

What is the common denominator to successfully serve its community of license for any broadcast operation? Here's the answer, courtesy of featured columnist Ken Benner, who has tallied at least 2,000 station visits.

FCC Wants A Why On Delinquent Reg Fees

A Class A FM serving an area of Massachusetts near the Vermont border since 1995 has accrued regulatory fee debt since 2014. The Commission is now taking action, and wants its money -- or a worthy explanation as to why this licensee didn't pay up on time.

Blackburn Devotes A Day To BAUM Act

Pencil Thursday, Dec. 6 on your calendar if you're one of the many media companies invested in the end to the nation's "digital divide." It will likely be one of the last hearings to be chaired by Tennessee Republican Marsha Blackburn.

Pai and AI: Friday Forum Finalized At The Portals

Chairman Ajit Pai will moderate panels, which include experts from academia and technology companies, for an in-depth discussion of the future of these technologies and their implications for the communications marketplace.

FCC Upholds Daytona Radio Revival Denial

An LPFM serving a popular destination for NASCAR fans and beach revelers was granted to this city in March 2014. It was never built by September 2016, when an initial permit expired. A six-month extension wasn't met. As such, the LPFM saw its permit cancelled. A reconsideration was sought — again.

The Safety and Security of Broadcast Stations and Staff

A topic not much discussed among broadcasters, but one that noted D.C. attorney David Oxenford says should be paramount in the future planning of all broadcast companies, is insuring the security of their stations and the safety of their employees. "This is an issue on which all broadcasters should be focusing," he writes.

A Former HHS Head’s Distinguished Honor

An award established to recognize those who “reflect the values embodied in the Wisconsin broadcast industry of promoting economic vitality, engagement in civic affairs, advocacy for the First Amendment and dissemination of community information and community service, and support of diversity and a better Wisconsin” has its first-ever recipient.

Tully Takes A Step Forward, Thanks To Thune

The policy director and counsel for communications and technology for the Senate Commerce Committee has been promoted to Deputy Staff Director for the full committee.
NAB / National Association of Broadcasters

Cybersecurity Program Now Offered By NAB

The NAB is releasing a "robust" Broadcast Cybersecurity Certificate Program for engineering and information technology professionals. The online program is specifically tailored to the needs of the broadcast industry.

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