Opinion: The FCC Should Elevate ‘Rigorous Decision-Making’

The rise in partisanship at the FCC is a product of both Congressional interference and the FCC's siloed structure, says Mark Jamison, a visiting Fellow with the AEI. He believes "a functional reorganization" could improve the FCC's ability to carry out its responsibilities.

Among The License Renewal Nightmares ….

How can FM translators and boosters be certified as compliant under the “mock” or Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program? That's a question posed to featured Media Information Bureau columnist Ken Benner, who shares his words of wisdom in this exclusive column.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Avoiding ‘Lender Nightmares’

Erwin Krasnow and Doug Ferber have penned a four-part series of articles exclusively for RBR+TVBR readers on ensuring a smooth closing. In this concluding article, Krasnow and Ferber discuss how to make the closing of a broadcast deal a dream, as opposed to a nightmare.

Here Are The New Public Notice Procedures On Radio Renewal Apps

Via a Public Notice, the Media Bureau has formally announced its revisions to the procedures for releasing Public Notice of the acceptance for filing and disposal of license renewal applications filed during the upcoming 2019-2022 radio license renewal cycle.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Keeping The Dream Alive

Don't let your radio or TV station deal implode right before closing. Here are some tips to avoid such a nightmare scenario, in Part Three of an exclusive four-part series from noted D.C. communications attorney Erwin Krasnow and media broker Doug Ferber.

Are House Democrats Set To Sunset ‘STELAR’?

The Satellite Television Extension and Localism Act, or "STELAR," has attracted much attention on Capitol Hill in recent weeks. DBS providers don't want it to end. The NAB and Maine's two Senators disagree. Now, a powerful House Committee is taking up the matter.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Avoiding The Nightmare

Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer and Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors have provided an exclusive four-part article for RBR+TVBR on what can go wrong at closing, and how to ensure that the closing is completed on the scheduled date. Here's the second installment.

Closing A Broadcast Transaction: Nightmare, Or Dream Come True?

Erwin Krasnow of Garvey Schubert Barer and Doug Ferber of DEFcom Advisors have written a series of articles exclusively for RBR+TVBR on what can go wrong at closing and how to “click the ruby slippers” to avoid any problems. Here's the first installment.

Coming Tuesday: The FCC’s ATSC 3.0 License App Acceptance

The voluntary adoption of the next-generation digital broadcast TV standard, known as ATSC 3.0., is ready to take a giant leap forward with respect to regulatory authorization and the permissions process. The Media Bureau is ready to start accepting Next-Gen TV applications.

Pai’s ‘Digital Opportunity Tour’ To Include TV Repack Check

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is presently enjoying a tour that sees him hopscotch across the state of Oklahoma, to see his agency's efforts in action. This includes a first-hand look of how one TV station is moving forward with the post-spectrum auction repack process.

Ex-NCTA Attorney Joins FCC’s Consumer, Gov’t Affairs Team

At the NCTA - The Internet & Television Association, Diane Burstein served as VP and Deputy General Counsel, focusing on accessibilities issues. She's the new Deputy Chief for the FCC's Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau.

KLOVE Affiliate Fingered For Interference

In fall 2017, longtime Brown University-affiliated WBRU-FM in Providence, R.I., formally shifted to an online-only operation, thanks to the station's sale to Educational Media Foundation. It's now a KLOVE affiliate, and in March ran afoul of the FCC's rules regarding interference.
DOJ / Department of Justice

Man Who Threatened Pai’s Family Gets Prison Time

A 33-year man residing in the Los Angeles area was sentenced on Friday to nearly two years in prison for threatening to murder the family of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. The accused offered a guilty plea on Aug. 31, 2018, following his late June 2018 arrest.

Here’s When You Can Trash FCC Form 397

On February 14, the FCC adopted a Report and Order that eliminates for good its Broadcast Mid-Term Report, which used Form 397. When can radio and TV stations stop using the form for good? Here's the answer, fresh from the Commission.

‘Regulatory Humility’: The Pai Commission Explained

"An excellent speech" was delivered Wednesday at the Media Institute's Communication Forum Luncheon by FCC General Counsel Tom Johnson. That, at least, was the opinion of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who praised Johnson for touching on everything from weddings to FM radio.

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