Catholic group overcomes objection to Cookeville CP


The Catholic Social Club of Putnam County, Tennessee Inc. was the winner of a contested FM allotment in a proceeding that led to a number of filings seeking to change that result. In the end, the group has received to go-ahead to build the station.

Cookeville Christian Broadcasting, which had filed one of the competing applications, filed a petition for reconsideration of its own proposal, and Roane State Community College filed a petition to deny the CSC petition.

According to the FCC, CSC initially won out because its proposal would reach 5,000 more citizens than any of the others. It seeks to build a Class C2 on 89.9 MHz with 25 kW @ 377’.

It was charged that CSC had not established that it was incorporated, but the FCC said its organizational bona fides were in order according to FCC rules.

It was further charged that CSC was a front group for real party in interest Knights of Columbus. CSC countered that the relationship between it an KOC was openly acknowledged. In fact, KOC is not allowed to incorporate in order to own property, so the leadership of local and related Morris Council deliberately formed CSC in order to apply to own and operate the radio station. CSC said, and the FCC agreed, that there was nothing shady or improper about the arrangement.

Other charges of misrepresentation were similarly brushed aside.

CSC did have to make some technical adjustments to its CP in order to avoid interference with other stations, but having done that, it is cleared as licensee of the station.