CBS Radio beefs up video offering


CBS Radio announced a strategy designed to provide its station websites the capability to fully develop into a video medium in addition to its audio content. Debuting on the websites of four NYC stations (,, and, the launch of its new video platform, via WorldNow, features individual and personalized branded video players for featuring station content, syndicate videos both internally and externally, share and distribute videos and embed video clips to share with others via social networking sites.

The technology also creates advertising and specialized sponsorship opportunities for clients, including branded players and content, studio imaging; advertorials and in-video advertising.

In addition to broadcast simulcasts, live concert performances, in-studio interviews, breaking news and original programming exclusively for the web, the new player will also spotlight content provided by the audience and solicited by the station.  Effortless upload functionality will facilitate an immediate dialogue between the station and its listeners via videos emphasizing developing news stories, current event, entertainment or comedy.