CC Radio creates “Sales Operation Center”


CC Radio announced the creation of a corporate “Sales Operation Center,” headed by Chris Soechtig, SVP/Sales Operations. He’ll be responsible for all facets of sales strategy, communications, training, sales material, processes and technology for use by CC sales teams. Reporting to John Hogan CC Radio CEO, Soechtig will work with all 150 Clear Channel markets to help sales leaders align resources for the greatest opportunity to grow revenue. He will further be responsible for establishing a structure of sharing and exchange between markets.

“Chris has demonstrated strong leadership and talent over the past several years, and we believe he will continue to bring innovative ideas to the table as Senior Vice President of Sales Operations,” said Hogan. “We are excited to begin building the ‘Sales Operation Center’ and anticipate sales managers and sellers in every market benefitting from the SOC.”

“We have an incredibly talented and diverse group of sales managers in the company and need to develop effective systems of networking and communication so that we can identify our most effective sales practices. Having a sales operations center will give local markets an outstanding opportunity to focus on growing revenue using proven best practices and building on the successes we see in Clear Channel markets,” said Soechtig.

Prior to this position, Soechtig has served as the Director of Sales for the Tampa cluster for the past four years. He has been with Clear Channel Tampa for 16 years, with nine years in sales management.