CC Radio launches developer program for iHeartradio


To accelerate the adoption and proliferation of its iHeartRadio service, Clear Channel Radio announced an application programming interface (API) and affiliate program for iHeartRadio.  Third-party developers will now be able to create their own complete iHeartRadio experience, easily integrating its content and services into their own products, web pages and apps.

iHeartRadio delivers more than 800 of live broadcast and digital-only radio stations from 150 cities, plus user-created custom stations (like Pandora).

The iHeartRadio API includes access to many of the service’s features, including its live broadcast and digital-only stations and custom stations as well as a deep social media integration.

“By making iHeartRadio’s API available, we’re empowering developers to bring the full strength of iHeartRadio to life in their own creative ways,” said Brian Lakamp, President of Clear Channel Digital. “Opening our API will unlock exciting opportunities to enrich the unique, combined live and custom radio experience that only iHeartRadio provides. This move also builds on our commitment to be everywhere our listeners expect us to be, with the best products and services.”

Third parties and web developers can learn more about iHeartRadio’s Developer Program by visiting