CC Radio’s "Test Drive Wednesdays" gaining steam


Clear Channel Radio announced momentum for its successful cross-platform marketing campaign that assists buyers with automotive purchases. "Test Drive Wednesday" is now getting listeners behind the wheels of dozens of different auto brands at car dealerships in a total of 20 markets across the country.

The program, which kicked off in Phoenix last year, incorporates both online and on-air radio components to encourage test drivers to visit local dealerships and then share their experiences with listeners. Listener-created auto reviews are made available on-air and On Demand through participating radio station websites, allowing the radio audience to experience the car through the eyes of each test driver. Key to the campaign's success is that "Test Drive Wednesdays" reaches consumers mid-week, the pivotal point in their online search for new vehicles.
Each week, listeners in participating CC Radio markets are selected to test drive new vehicles accompanied by an on-air station personality and a producer who records the experience. Listeners can then hear this feedback on-air, or access reviews online alongside dealer-specific links on station websites.

Popular Clear Channel Radio station brands in California, Florida, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin are participating in "Test Drive Wednesdays."