An iHeart-Powered CES 2021 Session: Lipa, Eilish and Seacrest


The first all-digital CES 2021, scheduled for January 11-14, 2021, will feature an iHeartMedia conference session on how technology has enabled some of today’s hottest artists to continue to create and introduce new music and immersive experiences for their fans during the pandemic.

It’s moderated by a ubiquitous iHeart personality, and will see this individual interview a superstar who is arguably one of the world’s biggest pop recording artists today.

Virtual attendees will see Ryan Seacrest host a fireside chat with singer/songwriter Dua Lipa.

Also available exclusively to registered CES attendess: a special performance by Billie Eilish scheduled for 7pm Eastern on Tuesday, January 12, 2021.

Karen Chupka, EVP of CES for the Consumer Technology Association, says the session “will explore the art of the possible and the transformation that is happening in the entertainment industry.”

Tom Poleman, iHeartMedia’s Chief Programming Officer, adds, “iHeartMedia has always taken pride in our ability to bring artists and fans together, but when the pandemic hit we had to get even more creative. At a time when all of us are searching for ways to feel connected with the music and artists we love while remaining safe, we’re proud to have pushed the limits of technology to innovate and create intimate experiences for music fans nationwide, whether it’s taking our entire roster of iHeartRadio nationally-recognized events virtual or creating one-of-kind shows meant to inspire and support millions of Americans.”