Cesarean birth to air Monday on The Doctors


Back in 1967 “The Phil Donahue Show” created controversy in daytime television by airing video of a live human birth. On Monday (2/7) “The Doctors” is claiming a new daytime television first by airing a birth via cesarean section.

For an episode entitled, “Prepare for your First Time,” the syndicated series was on hand with cameras rolling as San Diego residents Todd and Elysa Childs delivered a 7 lb, 9 oz baby girl named Kaylee Anne Childs via cesarean section.
The anticipation was palpable, as OBGYN Dr. Lisa Masterson narrated the process live for the studio audience. Dr. Masterson discusses the pros and cons of c-section births and suggests contributing factors necessitating the procedure.

“The bonding between mother and baby is a glorious thing and can be just as joyous whether the birth is via cesarean or vaginal,” said Dr. Masterson.