Channel Master Joins ‘Next Gen’ Phoenix Model Market Project


MESA, ARIZ. — TV reception company Channel Master is joining the Phoenix Model Market initiative—the first collaborative single-market effort to plan for and implement a transition to next-generation over-the-air television broadcasting.

Eleven Phoenix stations are currently involved with the project, which seeks to develop a method to bring new services to viewers while maintaining current TV programs.

“Channel Master is already one of the largest suppliers of antenna products to customers all over the Americas, and we’re based in the Phoenix metropolitan area,” said Channel Master EVP/Product Development Joe Bingochea. “It’s only natural that we’d want to participate in this effort, both to learn about next-generation TV and to lend our expertise in signal analysis to the Phoenix Model Market team. We’re also looking at new avenues and new products that might be launched to support this evolution in television broadcasting, all aimed at bringing the viewer more compelling content and more choices.  Playing an integral role in the Phoenix Model Market will help to speed those new products to market.”

The company has already supplied Phoenix Model Market technical representatives with roughly 30 products to assist with signal evaluation, including a selection of terrestrial antenna products, mounts, splitters, and associated cabling and installation gear.

Additionally, Channel Master will be providing feedback on receivers, use cases, and specifications that are based on the company’s experience in developing and deploying receivers for over-the-air and over-the top applications.

“Channel Master’s Phoenix-area laboratory and field experience will now become an asset for the Phoenix Model Market project,” the company says.

The company also maintains customer service operations at its headquarters.