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Hurley is one of the most loveable characters of LOST.  He has a canny knack for simplifying the most confusing situations.

Hurley was in a mental hospital and was told, by another patient, a series of numbers.  (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42)  He played these numbers in a lottery and won millions.  Bad luck followed him from that point forward.  He tracked the numbers to Australia and was on his way home when Oceanic 815 crashed.

Hurley ended up becoming one of the Oceanic 6 who were able to leave the island.  He absolutely refused to return.  Ben did everything that he could to convince him; even setting him up to be jailed for murder.  Hurley finally gave in after Jacob paid him a visit.  He boarded the Ajira flight and ended up landing on the island in the 70s.

Hurley is a very gifted man.  He is able to see the dead.  Their spirits visit him; Jacob, Richard’s wife, Charlie and even Michael.  They give him guidance and ask for his help.

Hurley ends up taking Jacob’s place as the protector of the island when Jack decides to fight the man in black.  He doesn’t want the position and doesn’t have a clue how to go about it.  He enlists the aid of Ben; who agrees and becomes his right hand man.

In Hurley’s flashsideways, he comes in contact with Libby, his love, at the insistence of Desmond.  He helps Libby to remember and then helps Desmond to bring the others together so that they will remember, too.  Hurley and Libby join the rest to enter the light and live in happiness.

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