Cherry-owned AM moves in liability realignment


Glenn W. Cherry and Charles Cherry have lost control of a number of radio stations in recent years, and repeated efforts to reel them back in haven’t produced a positive result. However, they still have two AM licenses – one of which they are spinning to a new licensee in which they are included in the lineup of stakeholders.

The station is WCSZ-AM San Souci SC, serving the Greenville-Spartanburg SC market. It’s a Class B on 1070 kHz with 50 kW-D, 1.5 kW-N, DA2. It has a CP to lose the directional array during the daytime. The signal is oriented to the Greenville, or western portion of the geographically-expansive market.

It is being transferred from licensee WHYZ Radio LP to Redemptive Strategies Broadcasting LLC. The compensation is merely the assumption of liabilities.

The new ownership lineup reads like this: Julia T. Cherry will hold 51%; USThree LLC, which includes the aforementioned Glenn and Charles and one other individual, will hold 25%; Woodbrook Investment LLC will hold 23%; and Jason and Samantha Monts will hold 0.5% apiece.

The other remaining station in the portfolio of Glenn and Charles Cherry is WPUL-AM South Daytona FL.

The Cherrys were principals of various stations in the southeast that ran afoul of lender D.B. Zwirn. They lost the licenses due to loan defaults, and various efforts to get them back via FCC and courtroom action have failed to bear fruit.