Chevron goes green


Energy corporation Chevron is getting set to publicize its efforts to deal with the challenges facing the globe when it comes to energy production, and is going to take a worldwide multimedia approach to getting the word out. It’s a difficult task, since the average consumer need only pass a gas station price per gallon sign to reinforce any negative opinions held about the industry as a whole. "The energy industry is one of the most complex and vital industries in the world. Yet public opinion is most frequently shaped by the price at the pump," said Chevron Vice Chairman Peter Robertson. "How we find, produce and use energy are critical issues of our time. We all need to participate in developing and shaping our energy future. Chevron takes on this challenge every day." The campaign will kick off with a full two-minute, 30-second spot on the prestigious CBS news magazine "60 Minutes" and will take off from there with various :30 and :60 spots distributed on a global basis. Other media will be utilized to support the campaign.