Chicago media intrigued by Tribune intrigue (audio)


Speculation that Randy Michaels might be ousted as CEO by the board of directors at Tribune Company had the local media buzzing Tuesday in Chicago. In the end, though, Michaels stayed put.

The Chicago Sun-Times was matter-of-fact in its reporting on the possible demise of the head of its competitor, the Chicago Tribune. It credited the original report by the New York Times in saying that Michaels might be forced out at a board meeting on Tuesday. blogger Robert Feder, who spent many years at the Sun-Times before his current online incarnation, has long been a critic of Michaels and titled his report “Read all about it: The party’s over, Randy.” Well, not yet.

The Tribune itself matched the Times story, adding an “s” to confirmation by sources believed to be in the know. The NY Times, in a rare move, had published its story based only on information from a single, unidentified source. Of course, before the day was done the Tribune was reporting that Michaels was not resigning.

RBR-TVBR Executive Editor Jack Messmer found himself back on the air as CBS Radio’s WBBM-AM Chicago called for his take on the events taking place in the Tribune boardroom.

RBR-TVBR’s Jack Messmer: