Christian noncoms transfer Tennessee FM


Joy Christian Communications has a four-station radio portfolio. It was going down to three because of a recently-announced sale, but a newly-filed transaction will keep the total at four.

The station coming in is WLYJ-FM Tullahoma, which serves an unrated portion of Tennessee. It’s a Class A on 88.5 MHz with 1.9 kW @ 177’.

It is coming for free – a donation from the nationally-active American Family Association. Timothy Wildmon signed off on the transaction for the donor.

JCC is headed by Ed Smith.

It will enjoy some income from the sale that is pending, but it’s not one of those deals that is going to cause gasps of amazement. It will pick up a grand total of $10.00 from Leap of Faith LLC in exchange for WHSL-FM Lisman AL. That deal was filed with the FCC earlier this month on 6/1/12.

If there is a unique aspect to the resulting JCC portfolio, perhaps it will be the ownership of four stations in four different states. In addition to the Tennessee station coming in, it will include WZTQ-AM Centre AL, WKXG-AM Greenwood MS and KLJG-FM Simmesport LA.