ChryonHego Goes With Garcia As CEO


An operating partner and head of value creation at Vector Capital who became a board member of ChyronHego in 2015 has stepped in to the media technology company’s Chief Executive role.

Now serving as CEO is Ariel Garcia. He formally rises from the role of President of Broadcasting, gained at the end of 2018.

Garcia’s appointment results in the departure as Chief Executive of Marco Lopez.

Garcia’s resume includes roles as a senior principal at The Boston Consulting Group, where he led the company’s technology, media, and telecommunications practices.

“I am thrilled to step in as CEO during this exciting growth stage for ChyronHego,” Garcia said. “Our sports intelligence and broadcasting products are top-notch, and our increasing focus and partnership with our customers will prove critical for future success. ChyronHego has a rich history as a technology innovator. With an increasing focus on customer-centricity and investment in key ecosystem partnerships, we are determined to bring the best technology, services, and value to our customers.”

Garcia addressed Lopez’s departure by thanking him for his leadership and contribution to ChyronHego. “I had the opportunity to closely work with Marco over the past year, and I can attest to his deep understanding of the broadcast industry as well as the great professional and human being that he is,” Garcia said. “I wish him the best in his future endeavors.”

Garcia and Lopez are attending IBC2019 in Amsterdam, which began Friday (9/13), to discuss the transition and exciting next steps in ChyronHego’s evolution with customers and partners.