Chrysler 200 Super Bowl ad sends viewers scrambling to


Kelley Blue Book ranked online traffic for its website following the airing of eight auto ads during Super Bowl XLV. The biggest surge in web traffic went to the Chrysler 200 ad starring Eminem with the now infamous tagline, “Imported from Detroit.” also saw a significant lift in new-car traffic for the Volkswagen New Beetle, Hyundai Elantra and Volkswagen Passat.

The specific models advertised on Sunday experienced a major surge from interested shoppers on both during and after the Big Game.  The two-minute Chrysler 200 ad scored a 1013% increase in traffic for the specific model.  The Volkswagen New Beetle created a 293% surge and Hyundai Elantra’s ad drove a 270% increase for that vehicle on 

New-Car Models Seeing Most Increased Web Traffic on Following their Brands’ Respective Super Bowl XLV Ads


Chrysler 200

+ 1013 %


Volkswagen New Beetle

+ 293 %


Hyundai Elantra

+ 270 %


Volkswagen Passat

+ 229 %


Chevrolet Camaro

+ 207 %


Chevrolet Volt

+ 202 %


MINI Cooper Countryman

+ 152 %


Kia Optima

+ 145 %

All automakers who advertised during the Big Game on Sunday saw a lift in shopper activity on following the airing of their ads, with Chrysler leading the pack with a 213% increase.  Following Chrysler, the brands that saw the most increased shopper activity on included MINI (154%), BMW (136%), Hyundai (135%) and Audi (131%).

In case you missed it, see the Chrysler 200 “Imported from Detroit” ad:

RBR-TVBR observation: In the days leading up to the Big Game, a quick poll asked car shoppers which automakers’ ads they were most interested in seeing during the Big Game.  Chevrolet topped that list, with 30% of car shoppers saying they were most anticipating Chevy’s ads. The Elantra ad also had a lot of build-up/teaser ads for us to be “de-programmed” about compact cars. But neither of these panned out to topping the list in motivating potential buyers. The big ad buy Chrysler made with two minutes — paired with that powerful creative — all but shows us how it’s done.