Citadel to bring back WLS-FM in Chicago


The Chicago Sun-Times reports the fabled call letters of WLS-FM are about to light up the Chicago airwaves again. Citadel Broadcasting plans to ask the FCC next week to turn WZZN-FM (94.7), the "True Oldies" station, into WLS-FM—along with original imaging, liners and perhaps some more personalities. If approved, the change is expected to take effect June 26.

The application is considered a formality since Citadel also owns news/talk WLS-AM (890).

The station’s local talent lineup already includes two hosts with strong associations to WLS’ past, said the story. “Evening star and Radio Hall of Famer Dick Biondi was part of the station’s legendary starting roster in 1960, while morning personality Brant Miller was on from 1977 to 1991.”

History of WLS-FM call signs

WLS-FM – 12/03/1980
WYTZ – 01/20/1986
WLS-FM – 10/28/1991
WKXK – 03/18/1996
WXCD – 05/23/1997
WZZN – 01/11/2001