Citadel’s stock rebounds


How could it not? After plunging to a single penny in Thursday’s last day of trading on the NYSE, Citadel Broadcasting’s stock opened at 2.6 cents in Friday’s over-the-counter trading and moved as high as 5.8 cents. At the end of the day, Citadel was up 390% for the session, closing at 4.9 cents. The new “pink sheets” OTC symbol is CTDB.

RBR/TVBR observation: The number one question RBR receives is ‘When will Citadel get their act together?’ We see the name calling on the blogs on various groups and their CEOs, but going back to what our RBR/Carnegie observation was on the report RAB pressing groups to back conference were we state: "Do I want the Radio Business to grow and succeed?”
If Yes – then do something about it, get involved and support the key associations and Yes – key media voices like RBR that consistently do the job on your behalf every day. If we Do Not work as a team and succeed together then the radio medium does not succeed.