Class change may be in the queue for WQUE New Orleans


The facilities of Clear Channel New Orleans FM station WQUE are a little short – its Class C 93.3 MHz license calls for an antenna HAAT of at least 1,480 feet, but it is operating at only 984 feet.

A prospective licensee seeking to build a station about 90 miles to the north is seeking to reclassify WQUE as a C0 to clear the way for his proposed newbie.

The proposed new station would be a Class A on first adjacent channel 93.5 MHz. It’s proposed community of license is Summit MS, in unrated territory just outside the larger community of McComb MS.

As for the roughly 500 feet of height Clear Channel is authorized to put in effect, it has been given an opportunity use it or lose it.

The FCC sees a public interest benefit in allocating a new FM station to Summit MS, and Clear Channel has been ordered to show cause why it should not be reclassified downward to a C0.

It will also have to file necessary paperwork to acquire a construction permit to build to the full Class C antenna height. It would then have to complete construction within the normal three-year time limit.

Bowen Broadcasting is the party seeking to build in Summit. It will not be able to propose allocation of a station there until Clear Channel makes its intentions known.