Clear Channel positions itself for the future


Radio’s biggest group, Clear Channel, is much more than a pure play radio group and it no longer wants to be boxed in by the name Clear Channel Radio. So on Friday the 13th of January 2012, it unveiled its new name. Say hello to Clear Channel Media and Entertainment.

Clear Channel notes the many business interests it has beyond over-the-air main-signal radio stations. Its iHeart online offering brings its own stations, and those of other owners, to the logged-on public; it offers HD channels, it’s available on satellite, on smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices; it can be accessed via in-vehicle entertainment and navigation systems. It also is a producer of live events.

Bob Pittman explained the new branding strategy. He said, “Over the last few years, I’ve watched as Clear Channel Radio has pushed beyond the traditional boundaries of radio to reach more Americans every month than any other media company through an unmatched combination of broadcast, satellite, online and mobile assets. Under John Hogan’s continued strong leadership, the new Clear Channel Media and Entertainment brand underscores that we are taking our brands and content wherever our listeners expect to find it. And, in the future, as new places emerge where people want to access our powerful brands and content, we’ll be there, too.”

The company will stick to the knitting, however – it realizes that radio is its foundation historically, and will continue to be its foundation going forward. “That will not change,” said CEO John Hogan. “Clear Channel Media and Entertainment represents our evolution as we prove our relationship with our listeners is so much more than just our transmitters and towers. We will continue to serve our increasingly diverse audiences and local communities with the best content – music, news, emergency information, and public service – wherever they expect it, while supporting advertisers, strategic partners, music labels and artists with creative, multi-platform marketing opportunities that reach, activate and engage target audiences like no one else.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Anybody who has been in business for any length of time at all knows that a name change is nothing to take lightly – printers are going to be taking orders for stationary and business cards, and we suspect there will be more than a few legal costs involved. But this is a move any radio company that cares to stay in business in the digital era should take under advisement. Establishing a Media / Entertainment Brand is vital in the internet world.