Clyburn to address NAB/RAB Radio Show


Mignon ClyburnActing FCC Chairwoman Mignon Clyburn is scheduled to address those assembled at the 2013 NAB/RAB Radio Show in Orlando. She is booked to appear at the opening session 9/18/13, following NAB’s Gordon Smith and RAB’s Erica Farber.

Clyburn has been an FCC Commissioner since 2009 and has been filling acting as chair since 5/20/13 when she was appointed to the post by President Barack Obama pending Senate action of Chairman nominee Tom Wheeler. She is filling in between Wheeler’s ascension to the chair, should he be confirmed, and the exit of Julius Genachowski.

Clyburn’s tenure is the chair is historic. She is not the first minority to serve in the Chair, but she is the first woman to do so, even on a temporary basis.

Clyburn has stated that she is modeling her tenure on the Acting Chairmanship of Michael Copps, who saw the conversion to digital television through its final months. Clyburn is also facing a major television challenge – keeping the incentive auction program moving forward toward a 2014 gavel date.

Commissioner Ajit Pai, in remarks to Pittsburgh radio operators, noted that Clyburn is a strong supporter of the radio industry and is interested in his ideas to revitalize the AM band.