Coca-Cola Zeros in on James Bond


Coca-Cola Company has teamed its Coca-Cola Zero brand with the highly anticipated James Bond adventure Quantum of Solace, which will be released worldwide November.

This is the first major promotional partnership for Coca-Cola Zero on an international stage since its successful launch in 2005.

Coca-Cola Zero will roll out a fully integrated marketing campaign across 35+ markets to support the partnership including television, cinema, print and outdoor advertising as well as on-pack, retail and theatre activation.

The brand’s global advertising agency Wieden + Kennedy, Amsterdam is also creating a high-impact TV/Cinema spot to support the partnership. The spot begins with a nod to the familiar gun barrel sequence that traditionally opens every James Bond film, with Bond as a silhouette walking through a barren landscape. As Bond approaches a mysterious woman in order to retrieve the bottle of Coca-Cola Zero she holds in her hand, the earth cracks beneath their feet and the bottle is tossed into the air. The bottle and silhouettes, evocative of the famous Bond girls, swirl across the screen with images of bubbles and the bottle lands back in the women’s hand as she races off in a sports car.

A chase ensues and the sports cars crisscross the landscape forming the familiar contour Coca-Cola bottle shape. Bond next overpowers several villains in an attempt to reach the girl and achieve his goal of recovering the Coke Zero bottle.

The commercial also features an instrumental score from the film composed by Jack White, best known as part of the musical duo “The White Stripes.”