Coke scores $12,000,000 in media value from "Idol"


The ninth season of American Idol premiered on Fox with a two night, three and a half hour special starting 1/12.  Regardless of the reason viewers chose to tune in, one thing is certain; Coke’s presence equals a plethora of brand exposure. According to Front Row Analytics, Coke received $11,966,667 in exposure by 340 total sequences, including logo recognition, product endorsement, and signage.

“Being part of American Idol, a TV series which has swept a nation, ends up bringing a huge amount of exposure to a company. Coke has obtained a competitive edge over all of its competitors by being part of the show which so many people see on a weekly basis,” said Eric Smallwood, VP of Project Management for Front Row Marketing Services, a Comcast-Spectacor subsidiary. With the Coca-Cola branded cups from which the celebrity judges sip on throughout the broadcast, one cannot mistake who the soft drink sponsor is for this big time show.