Collaboration To Focus On Better Radio Reporting, Campaign Analysis


Emmis-owned TagStation LLC, parent of radio attribution platform Dial Report, has forged a collaborative initiative with Ad-ID, used for identifying advertising assets across all media platforms.

“Over the last year, we have been working with many of Ad-ID’s customers as part of our data process to measure the performance of their radio advertising campaigns,” said Lisa Pike, SVP/Revenue Generation for Dial Report. “It is clear that the radio industry would benefit from having the same tracking standards that the TV and digital industries enjoy today.”

As Pike sees it, spot tracking offers insight into how radio drives consumer action, such as visiting a website or store, and how that correlates to when the spot aired, what stations it played on, and exposed listener’s behavioral and demographic information.

“Yet, the problem is that there can be gaps or incomplete information about the advertising particularly with the inconsistent use of antiquated advertising asset codes within station trafficking — that’s where Ad-ID comes in,” TagStation notes.

“This initiative showcases the collaboration between the two companies, who both share the goal of improving radio’s ability to track and measure radio to the benefit of marketers, agencies and broadcasters,” said Harold Geller, Executive Director of Ad-ID. “Advertising is driven by proven results and accountability, and our collaboration with an emerging industry platform like Dial Report helped illustrate the effectiveness of those drivers.”

Dial Report measures radio performance directly from radio station playout systems. Ad-ID codes can be integrated directly into these playout systems.

“The first and most valuable step in our data attribution process is to verify that all spots, across our entire network of broadcasters, belonging to a brand are identified correctly,” said Ben Husmann, SVP/Product Development for Dial Report.

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