College players want TV riches plowed back into education


The National College Players Association says that five major college conferences and the NCAA rake in a combined $784M annually in new revenue from television rights, and the total college TV haul is $1.8 Billion overall – and against that backdrop, NCPA is protesting a possible roster-trimming action that could eliminate 1,500 scholarships.

The revenue estimates come from a study put together by NCPA and Drexel Department of Sport Management.

The parties say that if past patterns hold true, the new revenue will go to “luxury” facilities and increased compensation for coaches and athletic execs. Meanwhile, the roster-trimming proposal hangs in the background.

Ramogi Huma, NCPA President and co-author of the study, stated, “It is inconceivable to me that the NCAA and its colleges are considering eliminating over 1,500 educational opportunities while enjoying $784 million in new annual revenues that, thanks to their ‘educational mission’, they will receive tax free.”

Drexel University professor Dr. Ellen J. Staurowsky added, “During the past few months, proposals to address the scholarship shortfall have prompted questions regarding how such proposals would be funded. With this influx of new money, we argue that this is the time for college presidents, conference commissioners, and athletics administrators to make covering the full cost of attendance a budget priority.”

The NCPA does not like the fact that college players are responsible for the cash generated, but graduate at only a 50% rate. They would like some of the money they generate invested to improve this record.

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