Comcast files suit against Qwest


Qwest, a telecommunications company that provides DSL internet and regional phone service recently claimed in TV, online, and newspaper ads that its Internet service is as fast or faster than Comcast. Those ads are now being challenged in court. Comcast claims Qwest is engaging in false ads with its claims based on a survey. The ads say 72% of Internet users said Qwest was as fast/faster than Comcast.

The suit asks to block Qwest from making the claim and also seeks corrective ads and says Quest is causing "irreparable harm and damage to Comcast, as well as to consumers," according to an AP story. "Qwest, fully aware that Comcast's Internet services are substantially faster, has attempted to avoid this fact by relying on a fundamentally flawed and illegitimate survey of consumer `opinions' concerning a matter of fact," according to court documents.

Comcast claimed its cable-modem service can be proved faster than Qwest's DSL-service.

"The results of this blind side-by-side survey have touched a nerve," Qwest spokesman Bob Toevs told The AP. "While any legal questions will be answered in court, we will not back away from a key point: Qwest provides a better deal and overall performance, value and our industry leading customer service."