Comcast offering free basic cable


Comcast South Florida launched its “Get Ready” initiative to encourage consumers to take action and choose their solution to the digital broadcast transition now, before the government mandate goes into effect.

Comcast is offering low-cost solutions, including free basic cable for 12 months to those who sign up for at least one additional Comcast service. New customers who choose not to subscribe to additional Comcast services can get basic cable for just $10 a month for a full year. Current customers can add basic cable to additional TVs at no additional monthly fee.

Basic cable in South Florida includes 17-25 channels (all depending on your location), including broadcast (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, MyNetwork, Univision, Telefutura, ION, Telemundo, PBS), government, shopping and local neighborhood television channels. Comcast basic cable does not require the purchase of any new equipment for cable-ready TVs, so consumers can continue to use their existing TVs and remote controls. Since no antenna is needed, choosing cable also eliminates the worry about potential reception problems associated with using an antenna following the transition.