Comcast Spotlight to sell for DISH Network’s sports feeds


Comcast Spotlight and DISH Network announced Comcast Spotlight will sell advertising on DISH Network’s ten regional sports network feeds in seven U.S. markets. The markets are Boston, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and Houston.

"Comcast Spotlight’s mission over the last seven years has been to simplify the advertiser experience in placing media on pay-TV networks DMA by DMA," said Charlie Thurston, President of Comcast Spotlight.  "We’ve worked with MSOs and pay-TV providers across our 85-market footprint to create interconnects that simplify the ad buying experience."

NCC, the nation’s largest spot cable sales organization, will manage multi-market buys for national advertisers.  "Charlie was instrumental in designing the interconnect portion of NCC’s earlier deals with other pay-TV providers, and this new arrangement with DISH Network is a mirror image," added Greg Schaefer, President of NCC. "It’s a great opportunity to expand advertisers’ reach with MLB, NBA and NHL franchises."

Comcast Spotlight’s participation in interconnects across the country enables  advertisers to buy all or part of a market with one-stop shopping – one buy, one tape and one invoice – across multiple markets. 

Said David Verklin, CEO of Canoe Ventures: "Canoe is very encouraged by this announcement.  This agreement is another step on the journey to turn television into a platform and for satellite to participate in the future of advanced advertising technology created by Canoe."