Comment on the FCC proposing limits


Joseph Emert’s comment on the FCC proposing limits on the number of applications one entity can file in the upcoming NCE FM window (8/14/07 RBR #158), begs a response.

First of all, to imply this is some sort of conspiracy to limit Christian broadcasters is ridiculous and reminds me of the charges made by the Clinton administration of some vast right wing conspiracy. This sounds like something out of Karl Rove 101 to scare the public.

Second, we need to stay with the facts. In the last FM translator filing window, over 13,000 applications were filed and hundreds if not thousands of them were filed by one group using two different names. I’ve found numerous markets where this group ended up with two CPs. They’ve been selling them as quickly as possible. So much for service to the listener.

Call it greed, lust or some vast conspiracy, it’s not an equitable distribution of the spectrum for one organization, be it religious or not, to end up controlling the NCE dial in many areas of the nation. Charity begins at home. I support the limit.

Douglas M. "Art" Sutton, Jr.
GA-Carolina Radiocasting
Toccoa, GA