Communications Credit Seminar on the Calendar


MeetingMedia Financial Management Association’s BCCA Media Credit Seminar is coming to a city near you – as long as you live near New York – and certain television and radio execs will be among the potential beneficiaries.

The session will be held at the offices of Lowenstein Sandler LLP on 10/8/15.

Credit professionals working in just about any medium are encouraged to attend – in addition to television and radio MMFA cites magazine, newspaper, cable, out-of-home, interactive and digital media.

MMFA stated, “This year’s seminar will address such topics as DSO (day sales outstanding) and other methods of forecasting; the views of high-level industry experts on the current and future landscape of the media industry; and the legal issues and new laws credit and finance departments need to know about going into 2016.”

“The annual BCCA Media Credit Seminar in New York is one of the most anticipated and valuable forums for the industry’s credit and collections specialists,” said Mary M. Collins, President & CEO of BCCA and MFM, the Media Financial Management Association. “It has come to serve as a great way for media credit professionals to ensure they are ready to turn the coming year’s challenges into opportunities that improve the financial performance of their businesses.”