Compass unveils 2011-2012 college hoops sked


The schedule features four of the top six ranked pre-season schools – #1 North Carolina, #3 Ohio State, #4 Syracuse, #6 Duke plus coverage from major conferences including ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big 12 and PAC-12. Classic matchups include Duke vs. North Carolina, Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, and Texas vs. Oklahoma.

The number of sports radio stations is exploding—especially on FM–and the need for compelling play by play sports is very strong. Therefore, Compass Media Networks says it will air over 100 sporting events in 2011, including NFL, college football and college basketball.

Compass’ basketball schedule:
DATE         GAME                              TIME/DAY
12/3/2011 Purdue @ Xavier               3pm ET Saturday
12/6/2011 Memphis @ Miami            9pm ET Tuesday
12/17/2011 Syracuse @ NC State       6:30pm ET Saturday
1/3/2012 Michigan State @ Wisconsin 8pm ET Tuesday
1/10/2012 Miami @ UNC                   9pm ET Tuesday
1/15/2012 Duke @ Clemson              6pm ET Sunday
1/19/2012 UCLA @ Oregon State       10:30pm ET Thursday
1/24/2012 Michigan @ Purdue            8pm ET Tuesday
1/26/2012 NC State @ UNC                7pm ET Thursday
2/4/2012 Ohio State @ Wisconsin       3pm ET Saturday
2/8/2012 Duke @ UNC                       9pm ET Wednesday
2/14/2012 Texas @ Oklahoma           8pm ET Tuesday
2/18/2012 Clemson @ UNC                4pm ET Saturday
2/23/2012 Wisconsin @ Iowa              10pm ET Thursday
2/28/2012 Duke @ Wake Forest          9pm ET Tuesday
3/8 – 3/11 Big 10 Tournament  

RBR-TVBR observation: Compass will likely get a significant number of additional ears from the NBA lockout—in fact that sports stations will need access to college games to make up the void from the NBA.