Compromise on HD Radio power increase?


iBiquity CEO Bob Struble responded to reports that NPR chief technology officer Mike Starling says they may back a four times FM HD signal power boost that could include asymmetrical IBOC power levels (i.e. the left frequency IBOC signal is stronger than the right side to avoid adjacent market first-adjacent channel interference) and a streamlined complaint process for interference problems in adjacent markets.

Starling reportedly thinks the full ten-fold power hike could be implemented outside congested markets, and thinks broadcasters and iBiquity may have a compromise to issue to the FCC within a matter of weeks.

Struble tells RBR-TVBR: “We are working hard with all industry parties on a compromise and remain hopeful we will get there. As we recommended to the FCC, the 6dB interim increase seems to us to be a good basis for that compromise.  We think that asymmetrical sideband transmission is a useful capability and have been working on it for awhile.”

We spoke with Struble in early August about the proposed HD power increases and on using asymmetrical IBOC power levels:

Struble also confirmed that the current HD receivers will work with asymmetrical power levels should it be implemented at some stations.