Condo Elevation at Skyview Networks


Audio technology, syndication and radio network sales provider Skyview Networks has given longtime executive Jeanne-Marie Condo a new title.

She’s been elevated to the newly created position of President of Network Partnerships and Chief Revenue Officer.

“Jeanne-Marie has been the architect of our sales strategy, carefully integrating business partners to create unrivaled value for our advertising clients while driving significant return for the audio brands we steward,” said Steve Jones, President/CEO of Skyview Networks.  “This new title recognizes Jeanne-Marie’s leadership role in the company and across the industry wherein she has become respected for her commitment to our clients and early development and implementation of integrated sales and brand awareness for our advertisers.”

Condo has been with the company since shortly after its inception by Ken Thiele, Executive Chairman of the Board. He commented, “Jeanne-Marie has worked by my side from the very beginning and her sharp instincts, forward thinking and dedication to our clients has helped mold Skyview into the industry leading company it is today. I am grateful for her steadfast performance and look forward to her continued success as she assumes this role.”

Condo added, “Skyview is an extraordinary team of talented individuals who dedicate their work to the success of our networks. It is a privilege to work by their side and advance Skyview’s leadership position.”