Connoisseur Co-Founder To Shed CFO Role


He has been with radio station owner Connoisseur Media since he was hired as Chief Financial Officer in 1996, when the company was known as Connoisseur Communications.

Now, this longtime partner and colleague of CEO Jeffrey Warshaw is relinquishing his role as EVP/CFO, effective December 31.

As a result, the day-to-day duties held by Michael Driscoll will be handed to Oliver “Olly” Price. He will hold the title of SVP/CFO for Connoisseur Media. Price came to the company in 2012, and presently serves as its VP of Finance and Accounting.

Driscoll won’t be stepping aside, however, as he will still be involved in some aspects of Connoisseur Media as the company’s EVP. Driscoll is a co-founder, with Warshaw, of Connoisseur Media, a new incarnation of the original company formed in 2004.

Warshaw commented, “Mike and I have worked together for a long time. In the years working with him, we have occasionally had different opinions, but never harsh words or arguments. I am glad in this new role he will get a chance to take some more time for travel and things he had wanted to do, but I look forward to still working together. He will always be my partner.”

Driscoll added, “I have really enjoyed the nuts and bolts of helping build a Company and focused on building teams, working on processes and getting the trains to run on time. I could not have had a more fulfilling time, looking forward to coming in each day, and have had a lot of fun working alongside Jeff for this quarter century. I will miss being involved in every decision, and having daily contact with the friends and great colleagues we have in our operations as well as here in the corporate office. I am happy to still be a part of the company, and also an investor in it, and want to watch things grow. This is just a part of a plan Jeff and I have had for a few years, and I have every confidence that our Company will reach new heights as Jeff works with Olly Price as the new CFO.”

Connoisseur Media today owns radio stations in the Nassau-Suffolk, N.Y. and Metro Fairfield County, Conn., Nielsen Audio markets embedded within the New York DMA. It also owns stations in nearby New Haven, Conn., and in Frederick, Md.